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New Profile Posts

  1. OceanWind
  2. Virox6549
    Virox6549 DOBBS
    I'm not sure if this is really the most appropriate question, but will you make Jr's 2017 Nationwide scheme?
  3. ThePaintSchemeGuy
    ThePaintSchemeGuy 4WideRacing
    4Wide I tried to go to your website and it took me to a random ad so I coudnt get the BGNS 2001 carset, if you can please dm the set to me, im trying to get ricky hendricks scheme
    1. 4WideRacing
      I don't have a website. Was it 4WideDesigns?
      Jan 7, 2018
    2. ThePaintSchemeGuy
      yes, I thought it might have been yours
      Jan 7, 2018
  4. RicardoG
    POOL: Should i release first the 2000 cars for the cup2000 mod or regular cup model?
    1. kowabo
      cup2000 all the way
      Jan 3, 2018
      RicardoG likes this.
    2. Jo3blow
      Original cup
      Jan 10, 2018
  5. Rdaws
    Rdaws RicardoG
    Wondering if you were able to find a host for that 2000 season car set?
  6. GambitJon
    SRD NSC NNS 2017 Runner Up
  7. mattredd
    mattredd games123
    Hello I'm a big fan of your work. I was wondering if there was any way I could download all the 2013 Gen 6 cars that are on your weebly site.
    1. games123
      I don't have them any more.
      Dec 31, 2017
  8. dacinch8
  9. Sam Wipf
  10. matheus357
    With cheese, everything's better.
  11. WyattW
    WyattW zaw24fan
    Hey, I don't know if you will see the other message I sent, but I am asking about the MENCup2017 cars you submit. I put them in my 2017Mencup folder but they appear glitched in nr2003. Why is this?
  12. EarnhardtCountry
  13. Jimmie James
    Jimmie James Thunder98
    Is it possible that you could make a Watkins Glen Night track with Nextel Logos?
    1. Thunder98
      Dec 23, 2017
  14. mvdbutler
    Ready For Racing
  15. Mystical
    Work continues on Armory Digital Superspeedway 2017 edition, hope to have it released in the coming week.
    1. NoahCSweet likes this.
  16. flyersfan4888
  17. NoahCSweet
    NoahCSweet Mystical
    Hey Mystical, just was wondering how the progress on the AD SuperSpeedway 2017 track is coming along, I've been keeping an eye for it on the site for a good eight or so months and I was wondering if that particular track project was abandonded at all?
    1. Mystical
      Hi, the track is still planned to come out before 2017 ends. I was pretty busy all year so didn't get much NR2003 stuff done but I am back working on things again.
      Dec 14, 2017
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  18. Andy22
    Happy Retirement, Dale!
  19. ScottHuhn88
    ScottHuhn88 Andy1
    Hi Andy are you still doing renders? I have a request for a 2 car render for the Whelen Simodified mod, thanks bud.
  20. mattredd
    mattredd Jr_Fan
    Hey, I have been trying to collect as many lmpv2 carsets as I can and was wondering if could you give me a copy of your Florida super latemodel set. I have watched some these guys race at my local tracks and would love to race them in the game.