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New Profile Posts

  1. OceanWind
    @frow78 yes my bf @dalejr88rox is a moron. In general and everywhere else. Thanks for asking. ❤️
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    2. dalejr88rox
      oh hey that's me
      Jul 18, 2018 at 11:52 PM
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  2. NinjaPanther42
    Just another driver trying to drive
  3. Levi Bradley
    Levi Bradley labontefanboy
    Hey there. This is DragRace from the mock season forum. Is there any chance I could start a mock series on the website and if so, how can I get a board to start one?
  4. John Gamboa
    John Gamboa
    Currently uploading a lot of files to my personal archive since it's been a while...
  5. The Legend2001
    The Legend2001 Leadfoot381
    Hello, I was interested getting some late models designed for nr2003 and was wondering if you could make them. Thanks Parker,
  6. NASCAR2042
    Hey DOBBS! Im new to some of the paint stuff and sim. I was wondering could you email sometime? clundeen98@gmail.com ty
  7. ShadowKnight508
    On a music-listening binge nowadays. Globus, Les Friction, RED, Breaking Benjamin, Hail the Villain, and more.
  8. Tetronix
    Finally done everything that pertains to high school! Now just to prepare for grad, prom and my future as a graphics and print technician!
  9. Billman Racing
    Billman Racing Racingfan83
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  10. Penske is the goat
    Penske is the goat
    "Ok folks, hold the applause and drop your drawers, I'm George Nelson here to sack the city itabena"
  11. RenderMan
    RenderMan shawnpmagee
    Hi mate, please,send me a pm
  12. FrogRacing99
    FrogRacing99 DSchwal
    henlo schwal
  13. Jasper Besson
  14. Jasper Besson
    Jasper Besson Connor Kennard
    Can I sign up for modifieds?
    1. Connor Kennard
      Connor Kennard
      Jun 23, 2018
    2. Connor Kennard
      Connor Kennard
      Do you have a car made yet?
      Jun 23, 2018
  15. Jasper Besson
  16. rickybobby26
    Just playing with a 15 year old video game.
  17. crazyboy335
    Pride month! Glitter up!
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  18. Rj Bishop
    Rj Bishop zaw24fan
    Don't Forget To Put Me On The Entry List For The NNS Series.
  19. bvc
    Addicted to NASCAR Thunder 2004
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    2. BrendonH12
      Mine’s NASCAR 06, but we’re in this together.
      Jun 5, 2018
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  20. Skyline
    Skyline MattyO
    Hey, I'm still reletively new to tracks and all, and was wondering if you could please help me set up Texas 2017 Spring by NR Track Designs on Facebook to Indycar speeds