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New Profile Posts

  1. racingformusic
    80s and 90s Nascar is the best, Jus Sayin'
  2. Hubka
    Hubka crazyboy335
    I am so stoked for that Can Am Cup Series to be released. Those rides are sick. I hope you dont mind me using them on my offline league? Its just for a personal use. Nothing gets posted online. But if I do, youll get your credit for sure.

    Know when you will be releasing them by chance?
    1. crazyboy335
      Today. :)

      You use them as well, I don't mind.
      May 21, 2019 at 3:09 PM
      Hubka likes this.
    2. Hubka
      I greatly appreciate it bud. Can not wait!
      May 21, 2019 at 3:59 PM
      crazyboy335 likes this.
  3. RichardCEP1991
    NASCAR-Austin Dillon 3 -- NFL-LA RAMS -- NCAA Football-Nebraska Cornhuskers -- MLB-Kansas City Royals -- NHL-Philadelphia Flyers
  4. RichardCEP1991
    NASCAR-Austin Dillon 3
  5. botpixel
    botpixel JCal-MX
    lets go pens!
  6. BrendonH12
    BrendonH12 MrDude68
    Happy birthday, Mike!
    1. MrDude68 likes this.
    2. MrDude68
      Hey, thanks Brendon!!
      Apr 10, 2019
      BrendonH12 likes this.
  7. Checker_MC
    Checker_MC jjohnston2004
    Hey Jimmy, when recently a mod for the late Gen4 bodies came out I created a Camry template for it. It's not published anywhere since I borrowed the headlight, taillight and grill decals of your NNC07 template. I just wanted to ask for your permission to publish the template. Here's a sample render of a car I created with it:
  8. bvc
    What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Tankdriver245
    Tankdriver245 Mystical
    so going to create anymore goodies for nr2003
  10. Tankdriver245
    So good, so good, so good
  11. EarnhardtCountry
    EarnhardtCountry Matt Baker
    Track Baker Matt maker.
  12. Skyline
    Jesse Iwuji running Texas in the 34 designed by Skyline Customs!
  13. Johnnyk1990
    Johnnyk1990 Rufio2031
    hey there, I was just curious if there why your Chicago and Richmond tracks don't save auto difficulty in the game but charlotte does, and is there a way I can get them to save the auto difficulty?
  14. Johnnyk1990
    Johnnyk1990 burtonbraves
    I was browsing some of your older work (2018 old) and was wondering if you ever released the set that had the 78 Coors car?
  15. MWick4
    Any driver that hasn't competed in an SRD Offline Series that is interested for 2019 is encouraged to join the SRD SuperTruck Series!
  16. SteamsDev
    No, I am not a Steam Developer. Trust me.
  17. Clubsport
    Clubsport Alan Harkleroad
    1. Alan Harkleroad
      Alan Harkleroad
      Mar 5, 2019
  18. InsideLine
    InsideLine Frank_Mueller
    You are welcome,glad to help.
  19. dwill693
    dwill693 Alan Harkleroad
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


    1. Alan Harkleroad
      Alan Harkleroad
      What can we do for you?
      Mar 3, 2019
  20. TrackTalk
    TrackTalk DOBBS
    Hello Tim, I have a interest in the 3D Nascar modeling. Currently I have rendered 2 cars in CC Illustrator via a Mac. I am curious to go to the next level and attempt this 3D modeling. Is this solely PC based and what 3D program are you using? Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated.