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New Profile Posts

  1. Cackledactyl
    Cackledactyl Alan Harkleroad
    Hello Alan! I'm new to the site but I saw that you posted a #35 Tabasco base quite a few years ago and I was wondering if you still had it by any chance as the files don't seem to be around anymore. I saw a link on google drive but unfortunately it was dead. Thanks!
    1. Alan Harkleroad
      Alan Harkleroad
      @Cackledactyl I do. Let me look through my stuff. I have kept everything from over the year.
      Sep 18, 2019 at 9:27 PM
  2. matheus357
    R.I.P. Anthoine Hubert, 1996-2019
  3. Wheatenland
    Wheatenland halfwayglad
    Looks like in some of the pictures it is the standard Charlotte oval track that is updated to 2019. Are you guys planning on releasing an update on the day and night track?

    Thanks again for all the hard work!
  4. 12DragonFangs24
    If so, I would like a Corvette, Mustang, Supra, and Hellcat in 1 mod together
  5. 12DragonFangs24
    So, I am making a NR2003 offline series. I was wondering is anyone here has any experience with making mods and could make a custom one
  6. ByronFTW24
  7. Rocker105
    Having Issues Like Always....
  8. TravisIsAwesome
  9. TravisIsAwesome
    I'm looking for Kevin Harvicks Millenial car in an render
  10. D0rant
    D0rant TColeman12
    Sent you a PM :)
  11. Tyler Hunter
    Tyler Hunter DOBBS
    Hey DOBBS, any chance can you send me the Jeff Gordon Penn State car without numbers on it? With football season coming up I wanted to run the PSU car in my league. Thanks
  12. D0rant
    D0rant dsmi155
    Dude, I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm trying to learn how to make multigroove racing possible. Your knowledge would be pure gold to me. Could I somehow contact you? Facebook, gmail, discord anything. I really want to have a chat with you! You rock!
    1. dsmi155
      You can message me on here. I don't have anything else setup to communicate at this time. Just PM me on here.
      Aug 12, 2019
  13. Clif
    Clif burtonbraves
    I was wondering if you could personalize that 41 Haas Mustang for me so I can use it in a league. #4 in same font as the 41 with my name on it?
  14. Andy22
    "Negative posting" wtf lmao
  15. SparksFly4
    Still waiting for Kyle Larson to get a 2019 points win, it'll come soon...I hope
  16. Willjr3129
    Willjr3129 Alan Harkleroad
    Hey Alan, I've read some of the older post on a rebuild. It's getting that time again and I just wanted to get your thoughts on the best build for this game. 2003 is the only thing I play on the PC along with Photoshop and Illustrator. I presently have GTX 980 and experienced frps drop at certain tracks. Didn't know if you could suggest something that would have no issues. Thanks.
    1. Alan Harkleroad
      Alan Harkleroad
      @Willjr3129 Hey Will. Sorry I just saw this. I was in California all last week for travel and business. I will do some looking and let you know. I still run my R9 390 because it handles everything so well. In general the AMD cards run NR2003 better. And if you dont mind the brand its the better choice.
      Jul 16, 2019
  17. SebaXRuiz
    SebaXRuiz MWick4
    Hi there, I'm gonna to join to your 2019 truck series.
  18. Jo3blow
    Jo3blow Chris S. 1966
    Hi @Chris S. 1966 would you still happen to have the 2000 masgrafx set?
  19. TheOutlaw1272
    No, you're breathtaking.
  20. 123456789colton
    Original track update is alive and kicking again ;)