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    We wanted to let you know that the NXS17 templates and viewers have been released!

    Grab them HERE
  2. Hello Guest,

    We wanted to let you know that besides the NXS17 templates and viewers, now we have released the NXS17 Mod as well!

    Grab the latest files HERE
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    We wanted to let you know that we are trying out a new feature at SRD. Your feedback is needed!

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    We are gauging interest in starting an online racing league.

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New Profile Posts

  1. Jordan McGregor
    Jordan McGregor Reza Maulana
  2. BrendonH12
    Geaux Tigers
  3. TravisIsAwesome
    TravisIsAwesome Jeff24fan
    can i have that 2012 Tony Stewart Aerowar88 car?
  4. thedude1987
    thedude1987 Alan Harkleroad
    Hey Alan, I was wondering if you were going to open up the Gen6 bases you had released.. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays
    1. Alan Harkleroad
      Alan Harkleroad
      I can, i took them down on my google drive to free up space in it. But I can put some of them back up.
      Dec 30, 2019
  5. jdogg
    jdogg RacerXero84
    Any chance of getting a hold of your F150 template for the CWS15 mod? Thanks.
  6. BrendonH12
    BrendonH12 Slipster17
    Happy birthday, Slip!
    1. Slipster17 likes this.
    2. Slipster17
      Thanks B!
      Dec 20, 2019
      BrendonH12 likes this.
  7. BrendonH12
  8. djbanim8r
    djbanim8r NoahC04
    Nice work on the Gen4 templates- they look like a lot of fun. I have also been recently working on a similar set, based on the muscle mod, but with wings, if you're interested: Camaros, Mustangs, Camrys, Civics, AMGs, Ferraris, Cadillacs, Aston Martins, etc.
  9. BrendonH12
    We're on to Cincinnati...
  10. Skyline
    2020 Looks good from here!
  11. Mystical
    Working on the ICR mod
  12. Tetronix
    Been a while since I updated this (high school graduation to be exact)...
  13. Jacob Hamman
    Jacob Hamman
    If you have anything to say about my uploads, say it to my pm's.
  14. RicardoG
    RicardoG mtblillie
    Hey bro! just saw you painted earlier the #34 from Aldo Benedetti, can you share the 34 number in psd? can`t find it anywhere.
    1. mtblillie
      I'll have to dig through some stuff. It isn't really accurate I made it myself based on what few pictures I could find
      Nov 15, 2019
      RicardoG likes this.
    2. RicardoG
      Sure, no problem... i`m working on his car for a new mod and the number is being a real issue
      Nov 15, 2019
  15. KEN28
    KEN28 Mystical
    Crashing when maimenu.lyt installed?
    1. Mystical
      Make sure you have all the correct files in the directory or it will crash. That includes the credits folder.
      Nov 8, 2019
  16. 12DragonFangs24
    12DragonFangs24 Mystical
    Can you give better info on how to apply custom replay layouts? I made one but I am very confused on how to apply it to the game, the instructions don't make since to me...
    1. Mystical
      What part is confusing? After you create your stp file make sure it is renamed to Fictional_Replay and place it in the directory as the instruction say for the Classic_Extended_Replay folder. After that put the fullrpy.lyt file in your NR2003 layouts folder: NR2003\Layouts
      Nov 6, 2019
    2. 12DragonFangs24
      The confusing part is turning it into a stp file, I can't figure out how to get it to work, when I make it a stp file and do the rest of the steps, I go to the replay and the game crashes when I press s
      Nov 10, 2019
  17. BrendonH12
  18. KEN28
    KEN28 Mystical
    Crashing when maimenu lyt and .win installed?
  19. ArchBanana
    Archbishop Banana#1403 on Discord
  20. Saturnalis28
    Hello fellas how are ya I am new to the site kinda but ya know you give me some tips