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  1. bigdan48fan

    2018 NASCAR Silly Season *Rumors and Speculation*

    ThorSport splitting with Toyota and Cody Coughlin to GMS in the 2 Truck
  2. bigdan48fan

    2015 Sprint Cup #25

    Looks like a winner!!!!!
  3. bigdan48fan

    2015 Sprint Cup - #48

    I'm liking this!!!! Wondering if there will be a Kobalt version in black???
  4. bigdan48fan

    2014 Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway Race Weekend Discussion

    Pulling for the 24 4 and 31 as mad as I am about JJ I hope a Chevy wins it all
  5. bigdan48fan

    Greg Ives to be Dale Jr.'s new crew chief

    Love this move. Wish Greg was with Chase yet, but I feel this will be a seamless transition for Junior.
  6. bigdan48fan

    Trevor Bayne to race the #6 in the Sprint cup series full-time!!!

    I could see Penske putting Ryan Blaney in the 21 Part-Time
  7. bigdan48fan

    Dick Trickle

    It is cool to see what the local track Golden Sands Speedway in Wisconsin Rapids, Along with a bunch of the short track racers are doing to remember Dick. It is a shame he is gone.
  8. bigdan48fan

    2014 Sprint Cup- #48

    Love it!!!!
  9. bigdan48fan

    Sgt. Slaughter's Showroom

    That #9 is SWEET great job on it.
  10. bigdan48fan

    New Fox Ticker

    It seems that the ticker may have been moved to the top of the screen
  11. bigdan48fan

    2014 Sprint Cup - #33

    I believe Brian Scott is scheduled for like 5-10 cup races this year.
  12. bigdan48fan

    2014 #9

    I really like this!!! Noticed they are doing Manufacturer logos and roof logos too!!
  13. bigdan48fan

    Chase Elliott to Nationwide Series?

    I am excited to see how he can do in Nationwide, but I think he should also run the companion Truck/Arca races for a little more experience. I hope he is in the Hendrick stable for a long time. The future of NASCAR definitely looks bright.