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NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene MattyO
NXS20 3D Studio Max Scene for Max8 and above.
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NXS20 Car Viewer Files MattyO
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NXS20 Templates 2048 x 2048 MattyO
2048 x 2048 Templates in PSD format.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Schluter Systems Ford Mustang JNieder51188
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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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Recent content by bluedevil21

  1. bluedevil21

    SpinDragun's Realm

    I remember you from the BIg Al Grafix Days and URD. I use to be big in painting stuff there when it was around until I found myself in NR2k3. Welcome Back!
  2. bluedevil21

    What's your thoughts on this?

    About the SRA branding on some tracks. FWIW those tracks was actually made by JRock himself and named that way himself, cause at the time he was working hand and hand with a few other guys on making up to date tracks for a SRA series to run. Those tracks was done by him not renamed and used by a...
  3. bluedevil21

    Cape Cod International Raceway_pace lap fix

    Good Luck getting it, Its a personal track that wont be released to the public, and if you sign up to just get it they will know... Besides the track is about to get a overhaul since there was some bugs
  4. bluedevil21

    Cape Cod International Raceway_pace lap fix

    I wouldn't of used the word locked up, they removed them out of respect.
  5. bluedevil21

    Cape Cod International Raceway_pace lap fix

    Most of those tracks are tracks that have been released the only reason they have 2015 and 2016 out from them is cause thats when they was uploaded. That's just how they keep track of things
  6. bluedevil21

    Tim Dolbin Designs

    Snickers car would look awesome on the track
  7. bluedevil21

    Tim Dolbin Designs

    Great job! Dew car looks awesome
  8. bluedevil21

    2015 Work... Cars and other.

    Very Nice Alan, like the fictional Stewart car, the scheme is awesome
  9. bluedevil21

    2015 Sprint Cup - #24

    You don't want to see it, I just seen a image and I hope to god they change it, worse scheme that he has had.
  10. bluedevil21

    Bristol Night 2014 FSE Setup Problem

    Dude idk but something is weird with your game. Idk what you did but i didnt know that the left side was on the right and on the 2nd page those should read tape and spoiler, not weight bias and front bias, those should be on page 3. all of that could be messing with your setup cause something...
  11. bluedevil21

    Looking For Rookie/Beginner Online Series

    FAST - It ain't racing unless it's FAST! We have a Arca Series that runs on Fridays for beginners who are newcomers to sim racing Start Time is 7:45pm EST for Practice, 8:30pm EST is Qual
  12. bluedevil21

    Texas 2014 FSE WIP Pictures

    just wondering if Victory Lane would be updated any?
  13. bluedevil21

    Splash N' Go Graphics 501

    Hey guys the 2 leagues i admin at have come together to host a special event. The Splash N' Go Graphics 501 @ Pensacola International Speedway presented by FAST and SWBS with assistance from TRT and APRS. We will be using the Generation 6 Mod, Fixed Setup, 1x Pit, New Core. Track will be...
  14. bluedevil21

    Looking For A Weekend League

  15. bluedevil21

    #24 Jeff Gordon Spotter Pack

    I was checking out some of the scanner bytes and the Homestead 2012 one had some nice clear audio that may come in handy for this