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112 2020 NXS17 cars canadienhits
112 2020 NXS17 cars 2020-07-06
112 2020 Xfinity cars for the NXS17 mod painted up by canadienhits
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FreeCamera NascarMan32
A new, working camera editor for NR2003!
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42 - Credit One Bank Camaro - POC2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - McDelivery Camaro - TAL1 Hendrick9Fan
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Recent content by Brandon Howe

  1. Brandon Howe

    NR2003 2016 Physics [BETA]

    I do work with him when he has questions, but as far as what he does or doesn't do is up to him. He has most of my projects available to him and whatever knowledge i have as well, i just don't have time to work on this anymore
  2. Brandon Howe

    NR2003 2016 Physics [BETA]

    Neither of us have looked into dirt physics in any sort of way yet. I've looked into things like Indycar and V8 Supercars and the likes but dirt would require the source code as currently dirt produces no heat or wear. I would release my stuff publicly but as has been mentioned I don't need a...
  3. Brandon Howe

    NR2003 2016 Physics [BETA]

    Honestly don't get your hopes up too high. I've been working with the Physics for about a year and a half now and I hit a wall pretty fast. iRacing may be the same engine, but they've (obviously) had much easier access and changeability. This process is shooting in the dark at numbers and values...
  4. Brandon Howe

    Replicating Pre-Restrictor Plate Racing on Superspeedways

    You're gonna need to redo lp's more than likely to get the ai to run the lines that they did way back when, as well as trying possibly chassis 5 with low track grip so you're fast down the straightaway but lifting in the corners
  5. Brandon Howe

    Help on Charlotte Qualifying

    There is a section in the track.ini that determines the ai's qualifying pace in the [AI_TRACK] section.
  6. Brandon Howe

    Horrible FPS Drops

    This is a major issue with certain Nvidia cards and unfortunately there don't seem to be very many solutions that don't involve buying a different card. From my knowledge (limited) it has to do with the way that the cards allocate the ram. Nr2003 and older programs don't recognize the different...
  7. Brandon Howe

    Wrecked cars in Xfinity Mod

    This is known as the damage glitch, it effects all mods randomly and seems to show up more on more high end/modern cards
  8. Brandon Howe

    Aaron's Signs Multi-Year Deal With Waltrip, Will Race At Talladega (Car TBA)

    Because he has the sponsors behind him and whatever is left of his equipment as well as a passion to drive a racecar?
  9. Brandon Howe

    Windows 10

    You have to disable secure boot, or alternatively there is an exe available somewhere that works better with modern OS Also, what laptop did you get? I have an ASUS X550J with an I7 core and a Nvidia 930m, and it runs pretty much anything I throw at it flawlessly. Well over 60 fps with full...
  10. Brandon Howe

    Tony Stewart hospitalized with Back Injury

    Sounds to me like it could be a broken back, which would probably mean early retirement. Man this sucks
  11. Brandon Howe

    Anyone ever try running a race from a mobile hotspot??

    Yeah it'll work fine, it'll just suck through data like no tomorrow. If you have windows 10 you can see how much data your computer is using through each application it runs, and your phone should also be able to tell you as well.
  12. Brandon Howe

    Anyone ever try running a race from a mobile hotspot??

    You better have unlimited data if you're going to keep doing this, because this will sure as hell suck up data like nothing else
  13. Brandon Howe

    Strange Track Issue

    Just put the ptf and any new files used in it in the original track folder with the dat still packed
  14. Brandon Howe

    Racing Is Coming Back To Rockingham Speedway in 2016

    You guys are failing to mention a big portion of the reason that Rockingham was abandoned and that is the fact that there was a point up until 2002 that there were 6 races (7 counting the all star) in North and South Carolina. The market was just too saturated, especially if you include...