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66 - VSI Racing/Ripper Magoos/Draft Kings Mustang - DAY1
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  1. Chevellion

    2021 Cup - #9

    Know the cans are pretty plain, but this could've been much better.
  2. Chevellion

    2021 Cup - #47

  3. Chevellion

    2021 Xfinity - #7

    Probably the best Brandt scheme to-date.
  4. Chevellion

    Thank you Matty O

    Others here have already captured most of my thoughts effectively. I remain incredibly grateful to Matt for creating this site and the continued development of tools and resources that supported our passions over the years. This isn't the end of the book; just the start of a new chapter. Excited...
  5. Chevellion

    Chev's Showroom

    I still have the same plan as you - pop in every now and then to raise a little hell lol. SRD remains one of my favorite racing communities - hope to see it grow again.
  6. Chevellion

    Chev's Showroom

    After several years of painting, I'm finally making the change from NR03 to iRacing. Have a couple NXS20 rides to post between now and then though :) Modified the existing Camaro SS template to give it a more performance-based appeal, similar to SHR's Shelby branding on Chase's Xfinity ride...
  7. Chevellion

    2021 Cup - #9

    It's the same scheme Derek Kraus had in the truck series last year; same designer, too. They just color-swapped the two shapes below the door number.
  8. Chevellion

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Would love to see it rekindle opportunities for another music-themed race weekend, ala the Chevy Rock n' Roll 400s at Richmond.
  9. Chevellion

    I'm back? Lol maybe....

    Love the colors on the Hooters car - top notch work, well done!
  10. Chevellion

    Jcal-Mx 's show room

    Definitely prefer how it started - the final product feels too tame. Also, JC's banned now...?
  11. Chevellion

    2021 Cup - #24

    HMS remains committed to creating the most uninspired schemes in the garage.
  12. Chevellion

    SRD Super Series Season 2: Preseason: Orange County

    "Got straight mugged on that one." Good to see the series going again :)
  13. Chevellion

    Jcal-Mx 's show room

    Those render scenes are incredible. 3DSMax?
  14. Chevellion

    IR20 Render Request

    Hi Andy, just seeing your post now. Imgur links appear dead - would you be able to re-upload? Thanks!
  15. Chevellion

    SRD National Series - Roll Call/Silly Season - 2020

    Any updates on this series @Saan Anguish ?