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  1. DangerMouse

    Check this out...

    Ok, so the 2G cup car I posted in the showroom a while ago is driven by a friend of mine. He recently went and tested with an ARCA team based in Minnesota, hoping to move to asphalt racing instead of staying on the dirt and not advancing much further up the ranks. About 2 weeks ago, Win-Tron...
  2. DangerMouse

    a bunch of logos

    I'm not sure, but the 2nd logo down on the first truck is Penda. They were affiliated with Monster Jam back in the day. I'll do some searching and see if they even had a logo that looked like that. The rest are hard to tell from the size and quality of the pictures. Old logo and best I...
  3. DangerMouse

    My rFactor cars

    Yeah, turns out I didn't have enough difference in the colors of the alpha layer for it reflect/shine enough. I didn't want it to be over powering, so I used about 70% grey, which wasn't enough. I lightened it up some and it works now. Had me worried for a minute. haha That and I had the...
  4. DangerMouse

    New 2011 nose

    James, at a quick glance it looks like it could be the new nose. First priority around here is the new NWS mod, then the new Cup nose(kind of on hold at the moment), both are in the works.
  5. DangerMouse

    New 2011 nose's in the works.
  6. DangerMouse

    #11 Denny Hamlin Xbox 360 Toyota

    I wonder what it would look like with a black number with the green you have as the number now as an outline. Other than that, not too shabby.
  7. DangerMouse

    WHAT?! You thought you were better?

    I need some awesome lessons man! haha That makes Alan, and now you, that are on 'vacation' from the site. That is far from awesome!
  8. DangerMouse

    Brazil Problems

    I didn't even think of that. Glad you got it working again.
  9. DangerMouse

    Gustafson to 24, Letarte to 88, McGrew to 5, Knaus Stays

    Jr has had how many crew chiefs now? It's not the crew or the crew chief that's the problem. At some point the driver has to be held responsible for the team not doing well. Not saying it's all Jr's fault, but changing crew chiefs every year or 2 isn't helping him either. There is little to...
  10. DangerMouse

    It's not breathing hard,

    You are truly a master of your craft, Hoosier! I can't wait to dl this one.
  11. DangerMouse

    It's not breathing hard,

    That is simply amazing man!
  12. DangerMouse

    My rFactor cars

    Does ver3 of the SBS late models not use an alpha layer in game? No matter what I do with the alpha layer, my car doesn't reflect like it does with other mods.
  13. DangerMouse

    It's not breathing hard,

    My god, man! One of these times you're going to post an 'update' and it be like it's an actual photo of someone's shop...I'm convinced.
  14. DangerMouse

    New Guy

    You can create your own roster by clicking the X next to drivers names in the Opponent Manager in the game itself. Once you have the drivers you want selected(with the X beside their name), there is a Save option above the driver list and you can save it as a custom roster. As far as our...
  15. DangerMouse

    SRD 2010 Homestead Official Preview

    Nice work Alan! I still have trouble wrapping my mind around a #43 Petty car being any shade of green, but they've got to satisfy the sponsors.