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Recent content by Daniel Gomez

  1. Daniel Gomez

    Not So Favorite Drivers

    just like what they did with keselowski !! i hate logano as well
  2. Daniel Gomez

    Henderson's Fictionals

    I love the Jack Daniel's
  3. Daniel Gomez

    G27 rebooting at random

    What's up guys, i just bought a G27 down here at Bogotá, COL.. a few months ago(2 to be exact)... I am a NR2003 and Iracing user (PC games); the issue is while im driving at random my wheel is rebooting and i loose all kind of control on the game . at First i was reading and found out...
  4. Daniel Gomez

    Colombian league

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if somebody is up for some foreigns over a FULL colombian league. You guys can find us on FB as FAST RACING CHAMPIONSHIP. :D
  5. Daniel Gomez

    SRD iRacers

    :p Alvaro Gomez 2
  6. Daniel Gomez

    SRO Indy 500 May 28, 2011 is gonna be a blast! :D
  7. Daniel Gomez

    SRO Indy 500 May 28, 2011

    SRO will be hosting its 2nd "MegaRace" of the season. We will be hosting a 50% Indy 500 using the V8 Indycar at the default Indianapolis track. Saturday May 28, 2011 Practice: 12:00 Qualify: 1:00 PM ET Race: 1:15 Race Info The race will be 100 laps. Cautions will be...
  8. Daniel Gomez

    Engine Sounds

    the best mod i've heard is at if u have enough pants to test it go get it ! Lol
  9. Daniel Gomez

    NASCAR 2011 rFactor Mod released!***

    they say some good stuff makes you wait idk :)
  10. Daniel Gomez

    Bud Shootout discussion and predictions

    JPM is good at ss tracks too so we'll see
  11. Daniel Gomez

    Swapping setups

    since we hace sooo many activity here, i think imma bump this one :)
  12. Daniel Gomez

    Swapping setups

    Hey fellas, I have been thinking is there a way to transform a Nr2003 setup Into a Rfactor one ?? I've been looking and unfortunately I haven't find anything yet... :(
  13. Daniel Gomez

    3 Hour Daytona RC Team Endurance Race FEB 6, 2011

    nice to see you're interested bud!
  14. Daniel Gomez

    3 Hour Daytona RC Team Endurance Race FEB 6, 2011

    Hello Friends. If you ever wanted to participate in a team race, here is your chance. Sunday February 6, 2011 Qualifying at 1:30 PM ET Track: Daytona Road Course MOD: PWF Trans Am SRO will be hosting a 3 Hour Team race to simulate the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. We will race in teams...
  15. Daniel Gomez

    Whats your favorite track?

    Kentucky wow...