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66 - VSI Racing/Ripper Magoos/Draft Kings Mustang - DAY1 daniele
66 - VSI Racing/Ripper Magoos/Draft Kings Mustang - DAY1
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
52 - Panini America Camaro - DAY1 daniele
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings
13 - Whataburger Supra - DAY2 daniele
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
42 - Clover Camaro - DAY1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
1 - Monster Energy Camaro - DAY1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

Recent content by jamesst99

  1. J

    Road America new textures.

    New trees,asphalt,horizon. Thanks to previous authors. No changes were made to the original track .
  2. J

    mid ohio 19 new textures

    New trees, grass,asphalt. Enjoy! Mod is a w.i.p. Honda civic skin for the citroen xsara/ rally gns. Road America's next. Also thanks to FSE,for the hundred 's of hours of work making the track.
  3. J

    Thunderbolt paints

  4. J

    Thunderbolt paints

    Looks good. How do you make metallic paint? I'm using gimp. Thanks.
  5. J

    Portland chicane new textures. New trees, asphalt, horizon. Enjoy! Mid Ohio's next.
  6. J

    Laguna_05_v2 new textures

    New trees,asphalt,sand,etc. This time I included the whole track , so no confusion. Enjoy!
  7. J

    Lemans2008 a.i. new textures

    My bad. I didn't want anyone to think I had changed the original track,(authors permission, etc.). So that's why I just called them new textures pack. Sorry about any confusion. Next time i'll include the whole track. Laguna's next!
  8. J

    Lemans2008 a.i. new textures

    New trees,grass.asphalt,etc. Enjoy! Also an alternative PTA track ini. /
  9. J

    [Release], Sebring new textures

    LeMans is next!
  10. J

    [Release], Sebring new textures

    Just a reminder, this is not a new track, just new textures so no changes to the original track. You'll still need the original track in order to use this mod. Enjoy!
  11. J

    [Release], Sebring new textures

    Sorry about the last Bridgehampton no pic thread,picture too big? Anyway here's some preview pics for Sebring. New asphalt,trees,horizon,grass ,etc. Enjoy!
  12. J

    Bridgehampton new textures

    New road,tree,grass textures for Bridghampton. Enjoy! Preview pic,,l;;.png/file This is just a texture pack, so you will need the original track. Just unzip to Bridgehampton. Enjoy!
  13. J

    Infineon cars bouncing in championship,but works fine in singleweekend?

    Like the title says. Running default cars and track, no changes to grip, etc. Default papy A.I. Anyone else have this problem, know a fix? Weirdest thing I've ever seen.
  14. J

    How do you cancel repairs during pit stop?

    Google found nothing, please help.