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  1. jgegner

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Trying out the new Cup98 mod from Splash 'n Go and Studio Speed. The track is Daytona 1999, and these shots are from the roof and cockpit camera views on Derrike Cope's #30 Gumout Pontiac for Bahari Racing. James
  2. jgegner

    burtonbraves ' Showroom

    Kick-ass job on all four Hendrick schemes! That #24 Axalta scheme is drop-dead gorgeous! Your #24 Liberty University scheme rocks too! The Hendrick designers should take some lessons from you! James
  3. jgegner

    Your Random Thought

    Some of my favorite foods (in no particular order): Steak (ribeye is my favorite cut), tacos (either beef or grilled chicken), bacon cheeseburgers, meat lovers pizza, breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, fried chicken, lasagna, chicken alfredo, macaroni & cheese, and grilled chicken sandwiches...
  4. jgegner

    Nachod14 Showroom

    The yellow door numbers really improve the scheme. Looks great! James
  5. jgegner

    Om3ga and SRD 2018 Cup Mod

    Holy shit, Jack! That is a beautiful looking car! James
  6. jgegner

    Outlaw Grafxs Suspended?

    They probably haven't paid their web hosting bill yet, so that might be why the page is suspended. James
  7. jgegner

    ZAKCAR Nestle Cup Series Thread

    I second John's advice. Get a paint program such as GIMP (which is free), and get a good template for painting your cars. The in-game paint shop is pretty much obsolete for painting cars. Also, there are forums here at SRD that offer many great tips on painting your cars. Following this...
  8. jgegner

    2018 NASCAR Silly Season *Rumors and Speculation*

    I think Ford should use the Mustang in Cup. It just makes sense since Chevy will be running the Camaro ZL1. Not only that, but doing so would take the Cup Series back to the kind of car it used to race: two-door coupes, instead of four-door sedans. I hope Dodge changes its mind and reenters...
  9. jgegner

    screenshot quality

    Why not just get a screenshot program such as Fraps or Bandicam? James
  10. jgegner

    How to host a league?

    Wrong forum. This needs to be moved to the NR2003 Online Racing forum. James
  11. jgegner

    Computer Help

    It depends on what your build budget is that will determine what system you ultimately end up with. James
  12. jgegner

    Computer Help

    This. You'd also be much better off picking the parts and building a system yourself instead of buying something that's been refurbished. One site to help with this is: You can buy all the components you need from places such as Newegg. Hope this helps. James
  13. jgegner

    Problems with Day to Night convertion

    Wrong forum. This needs to be moved to the NR2003 General Discussion forum. James
  14. jgegner


    Did you install the program as directed in the post? Remember, there are two executable files in the zip. Install the larger of the two files first. Once the program is installed, extract the smaller executable file to the main Score4 folder. If you're asked to overwrite, click Yes. If done...
  15. jgegner

    Your Random Thought

    RIP Adam West, TV's original "Batman." Link to story: James