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  1. jgegner

    Season 8 Discussion Thread

    I definitely agree with changing the mod used from Gen6BR15 to MENCS 2017. As @ShadowKnight508 stated, the finalized version of the mod has now been released. It also comes with the files needed for the different body types used at different tracks (road course/short track and superspeedway...
  2. jgegner

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Trying out the new Cup98 mod from Splash 'n Go and Studio Speed. The track is Daytona 1999, and these shots are from the roof and cockpit camera views on Derrike Cope's #30 Gumout Pontiac for Bahari Racing. James
  3. jgegner

    SRD IndyCar 2017: Race 6 - St. Petersburg

    JG#29: "A top 10 on a road course in IndyCar? Hell yeah, I'll take it!" James
  4. jgegner

    burtonbraves ' Showroom

    Kick-ass job on all four Hendrick schemes! That #24 Axalta scheme is drop-dead gorgeous! Your #24 Liberty University scheme rocks too! The Hendrick designers should take some lessons from you! James
  5. jgegner

    Season 7 Championship Weekend: Miami

    JG#29: "Looks like a 17th place finish for me after starting 27th, with my teammates Joey and Matt finishing in 30th and 31st, respectively. Not exactly the day we were hoping for here at Homestead, although this was one of my better finishes at this track. To finish 18th in the driver points...
  6. jgegner

    Your Random Thought

    Some of my favorite foods (in no particular order): Steak (ribeye is my favorite cut), tacos (either beef or grilled chicken), bacon cheeseburgers, meat lovers pizza, breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, fried chicken, lasagna, chicken alfredo, macaroni & cheese, and grilled chicken sandwiches...
  7. jgegner

    Nachod14 Showroom

    The yellow door numbers really improve the scheme. Looks great! James
  8. jgegner

    Om3ga and SRD 2018 Cup Mod

    Holy shit, Jack! That is a beautiful looking car! James
  9. jgegner

    Season 7, Chase Race 5: Iowa

    Statement from James Gegner after Frightening Crash at Iowa Speedway After being involved in, and getting the worst of, a horrifying multi-car crash at Iowa Speedway, James Gegner, driver of the #29 DirecTV Chevy SS for SRD, Inc., had this to say after being released from the infield care...
  10. jgegner

    Season 7, Chase Race 5: Iowa

    JG#29: "19th for me, 40th and 41st for my teammates Matt and Joey, respectively. Based on our piss poor qualifying efforts this season, our engine shop had better start getting their shit together, or some people are going to find themselves in the unemployment line over this coming...
  11. jgegner

    Outlaw Grafxs Suspended?

    They probably haven't paid their web hosting bill yet, so that might be why the page is suspended. James
  12. jgegner

    SRD IndyCar Silly Season Thread

    In that case, go ahead and use my flats from last year for the time being. Thanks. James
  13. jgegner

    SRD IndyCar Silly Season Thread

    @ahspencer01, I've posted a request for flats in the in request thread, but no one has picked it up yet. James
  14. jgegner

    Season 7, Chase Race 4: Talladega

    JG#29: "Finished 11th after starting 22nd, with Joey ending up 18th and Matt in 33rd. Had good pit stops all race long, but most importantly, is that all three SRD, Inc. cars will be coming back to the shop in one piece. Would have liked to have gotten a Top 10, but as I've said before...
  15. jgegner

    ZAKCAR Nestle Cup Series Thread

    I second John's advice. Get a paint program such as GIMP (which is free), and get a good template for painting your cars. The in-game paint shop is pretty much obsolete for painting cars. Also, there are forums here at SRD that offer many great tips on painting your cars. Following this...