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    1. Jack Smith
      Jack Smith
      To answer a question some are too bitter to answer...there aren't any other websites with 2015 ARCA cars besides the one you mentioned. There may be a few on NNRacing but nothing in the mass that the mod creators publish.
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      3. Kharvick29
        Thx jack- at least someone wasnt too much of a dbag to answer the simple question lol
        Jan 13, 2016
      4. SpiderTre
        yeah pretty much here or the ARCA Mod site are the only places with 2015 ARCA cars. i did paint a Katlynn Leer car that i could send you. that's the only one i've done
        Jan 13, 2016
      5. MattyO
        There's about 10 threads locked on the first page asking the same thing. Rules are in the read me sticky. But you two fucking momo's can't figure it out. What else are we suppose to do when making rules? Just tell you too learn how to fucking read? Maybe that works for ya hotshot.
        Jan 13, 2016
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