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  1. labontefanboy

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    Some more smoke to the fire of Truex potentially leaving the #78 team:
  2. labontefanboy

    2018 Monster Cup - #88

    Makes up for no throwback next weekend.
  3. labontefanboy

    2018 Monster Cup - #42

    Terrible. Not even remotely the same color scheme and there's nothing tying the current #42 team to Davey Allison. Different number, different team owner, different sponsor, different's just like they picked it out of a hat. Not to mention this throwback has been done multiple...
  4. labontefanboy

    NASCAR Silly Season and News Maybe Ward Burton based on his cryptic Facebook post recently?
  5. labontefanboy

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    I agree it's pretty far-fetched, but FRR hasn't resigned with JGR yet and they are already losing a major sponsor in 5-Hour Energy. I fully expect to see the #78 around next year, any rumors are probably just being used by the team/driver/sponsor as negotiation tactics. But it is out there.
  6. labontefanboy

    NASCAR Silly Season and News

    If it's actually "earth-shattering", I'm guessing it's Truex changing teams/FRR shutting down (apparently there are rumors that's a remote possibility???), or one of Harvick or Johnson announcing retirements.
  7. labontefanboy

    2018 Monster Cup - #10

    Lol kinda respect how they just don't give a fuck with the black trim now.
  8. labontefanboy

    Your favorite Silly Season rumors of days past

    One of my favorite rumors that I've seen was the Buckshot Jones sponsorship hoax. Supposedly he was all set to have UPS sign on as his sponsor but he mailed the signed contract using FedEx and UPS bailed. It never actually happened but still gives me a good laugh whenever I hear it.
  9. labontefanboy

    2018 Monster Cup - #38

    So is the fish scheme a goner? I kinda liked it.
  10. labontefanboy

    Paint Schemes that Never Were

    Never seen that Pennzoil #81 before, cool stuff. At first glance I thought it was an extra JGR car that never ran but the style of the 8 isn't quite right and the 1 is definitely different.
  11. labontefanboy

    Favorite Sports Teams

    Villanova Wildcats New York Yankees New York Giants Philadelphia 76ers Don't have any strong allegiance to an FBS football team. I like Notre Dame a bit but sometimes I'll root for teams cause I like the coaches. Clemson & LSU with Dabo Swinney and Coach O are teams I enjoy at the moment.
  12. labontefanboy

    Not So Favorite Sports Teams

    Fuck the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots. Fuck the Cowboys. Fuck Duke, Syracuse, Louisville, UConn, and Arizona basketball. Fuck Penn State, Ohio State, Baylor, and Florida State football.
  13. labontefanboy

    NASCAR CEO Brian France Busted for DUI & OxyCodene

    Gonna keep my fingers crossed that Jim France can do good things while in the interim role. He's supposedly done a good job with IMSA from what I've seen.
  14. labontefanboy

    MLB Discussion

    Yeah the Jays have quietly assembled one of the better farm systems around the league even without trading Donaldson. Toronto needs to hope that Donaldson either accepts the qualifying offer or resigns on a 1 year deal, his trade stock has absolutely plummeted with his injuries this year. If he...
  15. labontefanboy

    MLB Discussion

    Lol this isn't how baseball works at all...Blue Jays weren't going anywhere this season and all of those guys they traded were going into free agency. You ALWAYS trade guys going into free agency when you're a sub-.500 team.