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  1. Numbers

    Realistic Soundpack

    i acuttly used that as a base and ended up wiwth my own custom sound pack: download all 4 parts and extract to your NR2k3 sound folder(back up your orginal's incase you don't like mine) sound.part1.rar sound.part2.rar sound.part3.rar sound.part4.rar
  2. Numbers

    Worst NR 2003 Crash You’ve Had?

    i have three: Daytona 08 YouTube - ‪The Big One At Daytona(NR2K3)‬‏ I blame burton for that one. daytona RR 2010 YouTube - ‪NR2k3 Crash @ Daytona‬‏ Racing Jeff for the lead,i get by him,and tony follows and begins to fight for the lead as well,i think i came down slightly in front of...
  3. Numbers

    revamped reloaded is Down again

    May I make a suggestion? Why not have SRD become the home for Revamped Reloaded's tracks?
  4. Numbers

    Racing wheels

    That's the one I use.After tweeking some settings in both the Logitech profiler and in game,the wheel it self is damn responsive. I think i posted Screen Shots of my settings. I set up the F1-F9 keys on the brake contoller wheel,and the enter button as space. the D pad as the arrow keys,the two...
  5. Numbers

    Set Ups

    rright now i'm happy with the defaults. some times they are a little lose so i tigthen them up(or vise versa) and there fine.
  6. Numbers

    Pit Stalls and Pit Flags

    isn't there a mod that adds the corner tape on the pitstalls?
  7. Numbers

    Official List of Drivers/Schemes that will be included in the 2011 DLC

    its not just painting the car. Driver modeling,head shots,Head Scan,Modeling said head,bump maping, scripting. Making a game isn't as easy as people think it is. Granted this game isn't NR2k3 nor D2D but you know something. its better then anything EA gave us recently.
  8. Numbers

    Your Desktop Backgrounds?

    Current: Some of the ones i used in the past month or two all share worthy [thumbnail links] and a bonus one for all the Duel Screen Users:
  9. Numbers

    Video Of my Custom Theme

    ok i was bored and deiced to make a clip of my custom theme:P YouTube - ‪NTG Qualifing @ Vegas‬‏ i just wish the replay editor was better with the camra angles.
  10. Numbers

    Ride The Lightning

    aw you got me all exicted for a Metallica Ride The lighting Car.... :(
  11. Numbers

    "World's Largest HD Video Board" not full HD

    i feel the same way.
  12. Numbers

    My thoughts on KB v. Harv...

    trevor bayne is the justin bieber of nascar? REALLY? at least trevor bayne has talent.
  13. Numbers

    My thoughts on KB v. Harv...

    Who inturn bounced off his teammate Clint. IMO it was just a chain reacation that ended with kyle getting payback for what Kevin did to him at homestead. Plus Kevin's wife's reaction was priceless. If kyle should be afrid of anyone it would be her.
  14. Numbers

    My thoughts on KB v. Harv...

    i agree. but i also agree with what he said here:
  15. Numbers

    My thoughts on KB v. Harv...

    The Next Couple Of nationwide/truck races should be interesting. Not to mention the all star race. I'm curious to see where this feud explodes at. EDIT: After checking out the entry lists for this weekend at dover,It looks like Kyle and Kevin will be in the truck series race.