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The Fastest ¼ Mile in the Northeast gets the "Full Monty" PST treatment with this 2020 facelift!
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Recent content by rickmastfan67

  1. rickmastfan67

    #00 Logo Help Needed

    Ah, the fun of hunting down a small logo just for the B-Pillar. :) At least you were able to find it. :) Making though, that's a whole different issue, which I know all too well (see my latest post in my 9/11 thread talking about the #88, lol). :)
  2. rickmastfan67

    #00 Logo Help Needed

    Is it just, or is it more interesting that I happen to see several different 'old' fire suits on the Pit Crew, especially a Texaco one. :)
  3. rickmastfan67

    2018 Monster Cup - #23

    Still was better than the ugly BK schemes they ran in their first year. LOL!
  4. rickmastfan67

    rickmastfan67's Showroom (showcasing the 2001 9/11 Carset)

    What can I say, it's something that I wanted to always finish, no matter how long it would take. Wish I would have never had that massive painter block back in the day. Plus it doesn't help that RL prevents spending as much time as I would like to on this as well.
  5. rickmastfan67

    Logo Id Help

    The 'Robin' one is 'Robin Builders'. Took a few guesses with Google Images to locate that one, but I did get lucky in having the logo show up.
  6. rickmastfan67

    rickmastfan67's Showroom (showcasing the 2001 9/11 Carset)

    What the deuce, another update in the same month?? Has hell frozen over?!?! :p :) Today I'll be showing off the teammates out of the Robert Yates Racing stable, #28 Ricky Rudd & #88 Dale Jarrett. #28: Some of the fixes include the following: Fixed up the USA Flags on the car to work with...
  7. rickmastfan67

    Your Random Thought

    Gotta love this yo-yo weather. Getting possibly 1-3 inches of snow today/overnight, and by Tuesday, it's going to be 72F!!
  8. rickmastfan67

    2018 Monster Cup - #32

    Wow, I'm kinda shocked to see Wholey's sponsoring a car in NASCAR. Didn't think they had enough business here in the Strip District to do so! Glad to see some Pittsburgh love in the Duels. :)
  9. rickmastfan67

    2018 Monster Cup - #38

    Yeah, the number needs a drop shadow for that scheme.
  10. rickmastfan67

    2018 Monster Cup - #7

    Change the 'green' inside the numbers to 'orange' and you'd have the number standing out much better IMO. Using the same green for them as the base scheme wasn't smart.
  11. rickmastfan67

    2018 Monster Cup - #23

    Sad no more Dr. Pepper #23 out there. At least I scored the '17 Darlington Throwback diecast a few days ago so I have at least one Dr. Pepper car.
  12. rickmastfan67

    rickmastfan67's Showroom (showcasing the 2001 9/11 Carset)

    Well guys, I'm back and I have some new overhauls to show off. This time I'm showcasing 2 of the cars out of the Roush Racing stables, the #6 of Mark Martin & the #99 of Jeff Burton. #6: Some of the fixes include the following: Rebuild the base scheme from the ground up. Fixed up some of the...
  13. rickmastfan67

    NFL Discussion

    So, you were the idiot that broke into the Macy's just to take a selfie with a Mannequin. :P
  14. rickmastfan67

    General Diecast Discussions.

    Got lucky yesterday @ my local Target. They finally got a few new NASCAR diecasts in for the first time in awhile. And one of them was Jr's last ride. :) Also scored Corey LaJoie's #23 Dr Pepper Darlington car too. :)
  15. rickmastfan67

    Full NASCAR Races/Highlights that are not on the internet

    @TPIRLOGO, just curious, but have you happened to see if Qualifying from the 2001 MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 has been posted anywhere?