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High-Resolution Tire Texture James Hodge
Created using a ultra high-res photo of a real track-used NASCAR Goodyear Eagle tire.
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings
On-Track Effects Update James Hodge
Updates to smoke, sun, sparks, lens flare and light glow.
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings
Underbody Texture Update James Hodge
Darkens the underbody of all cars in the NXS20 mod to increase realism.
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings
2020/21 Honda Accord Template James Hodge
An updated Accord template, now including the 2021 front end and a Honda-specific shiny.mip.
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings
78 - Tufco Flooring Camaro - ATL1 daniele
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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  1. RJMik

    2021 Daytona 500 Countdown

    A.J. Foyt
  2. RJMik

    How do you cancel repairs during pit stop?

    I believe it's the space bar as soon as the repairs start. It's been a while since I wanted to cancel them.
  3. RJMik

    2020 NASCAR Cup Series Horton Designs

    WOW! Those are fantastic!!! Great job ;)
  4. RJMik

    NRatings Error

    No, Windows 7
  5. RJMik

    NRatings Error

    Still working fine for me.
  6. RJMik

    Problems with ROVAL 2018 even with the patch.

    Lately I've found that on road courses the ai_drafting_distance is often the culprit for multiple crashes. My version of the early access roval has 1.25 as that value. Try going up to 1.35 and see if that helps, then 1.45 if it doesn't. It may not fix this particular problem but it's worth a try.
  7. RJMik

    canadienhits showroom

    Awesome job!! Thank you so much!
  8. RJMik

    My NR2003 Track Spotlight Thread

    Which soundpack are you using in your Ontario speedway video???
  9. RJMik

    Michigan FSE pit out AI issue

    Alrighty. Definately had the original papy_ai file. Lowered the <ai_squeeze_pcnt> line to 0.6 and no more issue. Thank you so much for your help and probably the help in the future since now we know how powerful that value is. RJ
  10. RJMik

    Michigan FSE pit out AI issue

    Thank you for your explaination fortine. I am 98% sure I am using the original papy_ai.ini but I sure could be wrong. I've made a fair amoung of changes over the 12 years the game has been out for sure. I'll double check and the vaules you've mentioned and hopefully it's as easy as that...
  11. RJMik

    Michigan FSE pit out AI issue

    Hello everyone. Just ran an amazing race at Michigan 2012 FSE but there is an issue I was hoping someone had figured out. It seems when the AI cars are exiting the pits, if there is another one anywhere near them, they clip the end of the pit wall and careen back up onto the track, causing...
  12. RJMik

    Best Version of Pocono?

    Thanks J.R. for your response. I went into the file and I had already changed that number before to 0.0 and this issue was still happening. That is why I had gone to the wall offset. They seem to be hunting towards the bottom and that's when the wrecks are happening. I am using the same...
  13. RJMik

    Best Version of Pocono?

    The FSE 2012 version is in fact awesome! Great job to all involved. I do have one issue with it and it is noted in the readme for the track. I find that once one yellow occurs with the AI they just keep coming. I get the "cautions breed cautions" and it is nice once in a while but I ran an...
  14. RJMik

    AI pits too many times

    Whoops, didn't see the spoiler there lol. Thanks again! Should the same be done with the day track? Does this problem exist there as well?
  15. RJMik

    AI pits too many times

    Hendrick4life, thank you for that. Where in the ini do you put that?