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Recent content by Snoopy0626

  1. Snoopy0626

    One Guess

    For some you has told us the do not wish to talk about a problem any more, they sure did a great job of spam the board of another site today Who they had problems with over the weekend This is my lasting posting on these boards:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  2. Snoopy0626

    Pace car Templates?

    Hey 88 You got the pm and download the the item, if not send me a pm so I open the link again
  3. Snoopy0626

    Light of events

    Pretty close To what we were point too
  4. Snoopy0626

    Light of events

    I have know idea about what happen between a couple of members and don't wish to know From this point in time we will not be post link in the open forum for any item, that any member is chasing All these items will be sent through a pm and closed 24 hours later We have posted the link...
  5. Snoopy0626

    Pace car Templates?

    Those are for ready made pace cars and he was chaseing the pace templates
  6. Snoopy0626

    Member Choice Show Room

  7. Snoopy0626

    Dorney Park PWF Camry

    Good job We never knew that cars could drive on water :LOL::LOL:
  8. Snoopy0626

    Pace car Templates?

    Yes there is and if you sent me a pm at another site I will you point them
  9. Snoopy0626

    43 cars on Laguna Seca?

    I have never see one What you have to do is first make all the pit space to bring the field up to 43. This is done in the AI area of the track.ini file We are not sure but we remember a mate tells us the pit lane is not long enough to get all 43 cars on pit road some end on the track. If...
  10. Snoopy0626

    Dan Nisbet COT Mod

    It has been a long day plus we are late to play Form where we are siting, it look like the guy is asking for a link to the mod We only think that we read that SRD does not allow bagging of an other mod Once supperspeedway released there ss.cot mod everyone jump ship from the Dan Nisbet cot...
  11. Snoopy0626

    #1 On The Water

    Wicked set of wheels
  12. Snoopy0626

    Garage Sounds

    There is no customs for the garage I have seen a file to turn off the pot & pans in the garage. I done spend enough time in to garage to worry about the turn off the sounds.
  13. Snoopy0626

    OWR07 Mod Sounds

    Ok guys I had to take care of admin items on another site last night my time & by the time one of us got around to upload the file for you it was not going to be completed until the early of the morning our time There is the link to the folder Edit: Link removed The link has be...
  14. Snoopy0626

    OWR07 Mod Sounds

    One of us will zip up the sounds packs and upload the in a bit, link will be post once this is complete Just hard to wait for the 1TB hard drive to return home
  15. Snoopy0626

    Miller Lite Vortex Bottle

    Sage strikes again No really top job Thanks heaps