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2020 NXS17 Xfinity batch 3 canadienhits
24 Xfinity cars from the 2020 season.
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32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Trump 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Built Bar Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang JNieder51188
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Superior Logistics Ford Mustang - MENS19
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings
32 Corey LaJoie 2020 Ford Mustang JNieder51188
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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  1. TColeman12

    NXS19 (Now the NXS20) Mod Thread

    Plus one on this statement, would absolutely love to see if any potential progress has been made that can be shared with the community. This is a difficult time for us all so it is quite understandable if this has been shelved or passed on for now. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing...
  2. TColeman12

    NHL Discussion

    I need my Capitals with DSP to get going again, and win the series vs. Carolina.
  3. TColeman12

    [Release] Chicagoland 2018 BB-MC (Day and Night)

    How much do you want for the 1080Ti haha?
  4. TColeman12

    2018 Bank of America Roval 400 at Charlotte Motor Speedway - Roval Race Weekend Discussion

    I didn’t want to correct you haha, but she’s the first female to win a K&N Series race in NASCAR history, not the first woman to win in NASCAR history. I’ve personally been following her career for two and a half years now (her driver coach/spotter is actually a family friend so that’s a cool...
  5. TColeman12

    Your Random Thought

    Yesterday was a great day! My favorite driver finally got their first win, and Chase Briscoe won as well so that was cool.
  6. TColeman12

    What's your thoughts on this?

    Hold up, that doesn’t even sound like something Steelman would say .... and anyways, that doesn’t relate to the topic at hand. It has been said so many times already but for someone to demand that a private edit be released is just selfish and greedy like many others have said. It’s a common...
  7. TColeman12

    [Teaser] Richmond 2018 BB-MC

    This being my local track, it looks great, and quite accurate so far!
  8. TColeman12

    Project Cars 2 Discussion

    What’s up Swifty? Long time no see. :D I still need to pick up a copy of pCars2. I’m over here still playing pCars1 lol.
  9. TColeman12

    SRD Fantasy Football League

    Ah. I’m in one with the USORL guys and another two with another league I’m in.
  10. TColeman12

    SRD Fantasy Football League

    I’m part of 3 already, rip
  11. TColeman12

    SRD IndyCar 2018: Driver Signups

    Driver Name: Trey Coleman Number: 12 Sponsors (2 primary and 1 one off sponsor): Verizon, New Era, Hum
  12. TColeman12

    Online Racing

    Typically, I run FAST (open set) on Wednesday and sometimes on Friday. When I’m not racing FAST, I race USORL on Friday and Saturday, and FUEL on Thursday until the end of the summer. I’d try to show from time to time to race against some SRD members. Definitely would be nice to see another league.
  13. TColeman12

    SRD IndyCar 2018: Team Signups

    Team Name: Coleman Racing Manu: Ford Owners: Trey Coleman and Jason Blanford
  14. TColeman12

    2018 Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond Raceway Race Weekend Discussion

    Met these guys near Richmond at a volunteer event for Comcast. JJ and Jeffery.
  15. TColeman12

    2018 Xfinity - #39

    Lombard Bros Gaming to sponsor at Auto Club