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Recent content by WillG_46

  1. WillG_46

    what was your first nascar video game?

    My first NASCAR game was NASCAR Revolution SE, I LOVED that game, the handling was extremely realistic for 1998. At first I was terrible, but before long I was running full length races at Bristol, Talladega and Richmond. Unfortunately it doesn't run anymore :nah: NASCAR games I have: PC...
  2. WillG_46

    #7 Robby Gordon Charter Communications/Mapei Dodge

    Great job! I like the Mapei car:cool:
  3. WillG_46

    NNC 07 SSNet Mod Fender Contig Sheet

    Really no lining up needed. I've made many cars for the NNC07 mod and rarely have to line the logos up. Only time really is for the Fords, because the sunoco logo stretches over three different panels. Just use the sizing tools in the Photoshop tool bar, very easy to use.
  4. WillG_46

    NASCAR Love?

    I hate it, because they play it before every commercial:arghh:
  5. WillG_46

    2008 COT Paint Progress...

    I think it's safe to say that the Valvoline car is sex on wheels:cool:
  6. WillG_46

    2008 COT Paint Progress...

    Hello Andy To get the COT mod to work on the game, you need the official Papyrus patch, and then you need to install the Project Wildfire BGN and CTS mods found at Then you can add any other mods you want. The cars here use the 1.04 COT mod found at - Home
  7. WillG_46


  8. WillG_46

    Paint Of The Month Contest

    Numbero Uno (1):)
  9. WillG_46

    Front End Contingencies (How Do You?)

    I have all the teams done except the TRB and HoF teams. They should be up on The Racing Groove very soon.:yes:
  10. WillG_46

    Carl Edwards California

    No offense, but you should really paint your own cars instead of pasting pictures of the real car on there. The result would be much better.
  11. WillG_46

    2008 Nationwide Progress at TRG

    Scott Wimmer's 2008 Nationwide car has been posted at TRG, also updated the 40 of Dario Franchitti. Burton's 29 and Hamlin's 40 will be posted and updated when they hit the track :)
  12. WillG_46

    2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - SRD Preview Thread

    I think Setzer will finish between 5th-10th in points. He and the BHR team were meshing together extremely well at the end of last year.
  13. WillG_46

    David Gilliland #38 Ford

    Can't wait to see it, glad to have the 28 back on the track:D
  14. WillG_46

    2008 Nationwide Progress at TRG

    Jacques Villeneuve's Daytona Toyota is now posted at TRG:spinny: Also look for the 2008 Fender Contingency Set to be posted soon, darn Hall of Fame team isn't putting their logos on lol:nah:
  15. WillG_46

    Ya Ya (Jr. wins Shootout)

    I take back what I said about Jr getting a slow start. GO 88 IN '08!!:D