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Mod 1972 Winston Cup Season 2016-05-07

Bullring MCLM Mod Re-Skinned to 1972 Winston Cup Season car set

  1. twcom
    ******* NOTE NEW LINK FOR THIS MODE ************

    In 1972 the modern era came to NASCAR. With its year old sponsor RJ Reynolds T0bacco Company, the 1972 Winston Cup Season was ruled by a King. Though it was dominated by Bobby Allison, schooled by A.J. Foyt and Cale Yarborough came home,
    the King, Richchard Petty walked away with the crown.

    Now relive the moments in motion as the 1972 Winston Cup Season comes to NR2003

    This 1972 Winston Cup car set only found itself possible after the release of the Bullring Muscle Car Late Model mod was created and released by the Bullring Team. After it proved possible to image a near spot on #43 Petty Blue Plymouth, superbly rendered by SRD's own Andy1,
    there was no looking back for the car set.
    DAWGFATHER insured the car set kept true to the era and chose the perfect tire.
    Insideline got the right steering wheel in place, minimized the pit box look and willed a more suitable pace car.
    With a few other nice details the car set was completed.
    Thanks to Highbank, who set the high water mark for me, for encouragement early on when there was still debate if the Bullring MCLM could carry the 1972 car set.

    Thanks to Wildling for a place to be.

    Not exact but this set well represents the era. Look for a few look alike faces in the open face helmets, some engine and undercarriage
    detail and the Killer gauges from J.D. McDuffie's dash.

    It downloads as a series folder drop in. So download, unzip, drop it in the series folder and then it 1972 ......all over again.

Recent Reviews

  1. Highbank
    Version: 2016-05-07
    For eons, OK maybe not eons, but for a long, long time the 1972-1976 era of Winston Cup has gone largely ignored by the modding community, they had other projects and targets for their craft...along comes TWCOM who has a real gift for illusion and Bob's your Uncle Fanny's your Aunt...we have this masterpiece conceived, contrived, and converted to a very viable 1972 Cup "mini-mod on the MCLM mod by BullRing, with their blesses no less!
    KUDOs and wild cheers Tee-Dub! As they say in America's Game, "Good-bye Mr. Spaulding this one is outta here!"
  2. Andy1
    Version: 2016-05-07
    >>>always good work , RESPECT + THANKS ! *** Andy ***
  3. horseman89
    Version: 2016-05-07
    Awesome as always!
  4. InsideLine
    Version: 2016-05-07
    Great work,thank You for this much needed void for NR2003! It's been a fun ride!