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Car Set 1990 RICHMOND PONTIAC 200 BGN ADD-ON CAR SET 2017-12-22

Merry Christmas Greetings from Chris Akin!

  1. J.R.Franklin
    Here's an early Christmas gift to help kick off your holiday weekend. Presenting the first add on car set from Chris Akin for the wildly popular 1990 BGN car set series for the Cup90 mod!


    This set features:

    * 36 of the schemes and drivers who competed in the 1990 Richmond Pontiac 200.
    * 16 accurate new schemes and proper manufacturer brands that they ran in that event.
    * 1990 Richmond Pontiac 200 roster file of the 36 cars and DNQ's for that event.
    * Matching pit crews for every car.
    * Accurate ratings for each car from NRatings based only on events they actually ran in.

    Stay tuned for even more future additional add-on car sets of drivers and their iconic paint schemes as Chris strives to replicate one of the most popular and extensive NASCAR car sets ever produced for NR2003!

    Also, please be sure to review the README file that comes with the set for a listing of all the people who lent a helping hand of support in the production of this ambitious project.

    Michael Waltrip took the checkers in the 1990 Richmond Pontiac 200, followed by Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Labonte, Dale Jarrett and Kenny Wallace rounding out the top five. Think you can beat 'em? Time to strap in and find out!


    1990 BGN Richmond Pontiac 200 Car Set - 1024 res.

    1990 BGN Richmond Pontiac 200 Car Set - 2048 res.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chris Akin!