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Car Set 2001 NASCAR Busch North Series Car Set

107 Cars and Drivers from the 2001 BNS Campaign.

  1. J.R.Franklin
    At long last.... here are the cars and stars of perhaps one of the most competitive years of the ultra-popular NASCAR Busch North Series.


    This car set for the PWF GNS mod, is the culmination of a project that began over 3 and half years ago by Chris Akin and John Wall. It is a comprehensive collection of 107 highly detailed paint schemes of cars that competed in the 2001 BNS Season including the top 62 Drivers who accumulated points in that 2001 campaign.

    All of the top names of that goldern era of racing in the Northeast are included this set featuring:

    * Mike Olsen - 2001 BNS Champion
    * Brad Leighton - 2001 3-time winner
    * Mike Johnson - 2001 BNS points runner-up
    * Dale Shaw - 2001 2-time winner and hard charger
    * Dave Dion - perennial fan favoite and 1-time 2001 winner
    As well as: Bryan Wall, Kelly Moore, Dale Quarterly, Martin Truex, Jr. and many many more.

    All cars come complete with matching pit crews and are accurately rated by J.R. Franklin with the NRatings program utilizing the MasGrafx GNS Full Season V3.1 formula for the 2001 BNS Season.

    We have also included a list file, a 2001 BNS mainback that you can insert in your mod folder and an optional set of American Racer tires made by Bill Anderson that many of the cars ran in the 2001 Season.


    2001 BNS Car Set

    This project has been a pure labor of love for all of us involved. Now it's time for you to load up this awesome carset and see if you can beat "The Best of The Best" from the 2001 NASCAR BNS campaign. We sure hope that you enjoy racing against them as much as we have in preparing them for you.

    Chris Akin
    John Wall
    J.R. Franklin





    Chris Akin - painter and research
    John Wall - painter and research
    Mike Ehresman - painter (GPD)
    J.R. Franklin - pit crews, ratings and set coordination

    Additional Credits:
    Google, Alan Claffie, iampaul27, www.racing-reference.info, Brands of the World, Masgrafx, RSC / Jason Roush, Aaron Maynard, Thunder98, CC48 and anyone else we may have forgotten to list.

    For more photos and information, please check our 2001 Busch North Series Car-Set Facebook pages at:

    http://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=2001 busch north series carset
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cody H.
    Cody H.
    Amazing! Thanks so much!
  2. leger33
    good work i like it that year ago 2001 history!
  3. Andy1
    ... good work, thx !