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Car Set 2016 NASCAR K&N Pro Series Car Set 10.0

Contains all east cars and 25 west cars from 2016 season.

  1. CJL5
    Update 10.0 contains all east cars that have ran throughout the 2016 season. This set also contains around 25 west cars.

    Mod: 2013 Gen6BR_cts by Bullring
    Templates: Big Evil Racing
    K&N Pro Series Banner: http://www.nnracing.com/filelibrary.asp?fileid=61169
    Numbers: Big Evil Racing, NNRacing
    Contingencies: Alan Harkleroad
    Pit Crews: @horseman89
    Paint Program: Gimp

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kharvick29
    Version: 5.0
    Thanks a bunch for these! They look great. keep up the awesome work
  2. frow78
    Version: 2016-03-12
    Thanks for uploading!