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2019 ARCA Carset Batch 1 2019-12-29

Top 20 drivers from the 2019 ARCA season

  1. Ben Althen
    Here are the top 20 in points from the 2019 ARCA Menards season. All are Gen 6 cars to model after the composite bodies used in the ARCA Racing Series. All cars have pit crew and are rated and are for the .cts version of the 2013 BR Gen 6 mod.

    Templates from Big Evil Racing, big thanks to them for all they do with their resources.

    The Following cars are included:

    06 Tim Richmond - Great Railing Toyota
    1 Dick Doheny - Fast Track Racing Chevrolet
    7 Eric Caudell - CCM Toyota
    10 Tommy Vigh - Extreme Kleaner Toyota
    15 Christian Eckes - JBL Toyota
    18 Ty Gibbs - Monster Energy Toyota - BER Number
    18 Riley Herbst - Monster Energy Toyota - BER Number
    20 Chandler Smith - Craftsman Toyota
    21 Sam Mayer - Chevrolet Accessories Chevrolet - BER Number
    22 Corey Heim - Speedway Childrens Charities Ford - T4G Number
    22 Ty Majeski - Crestliner Ford - T4G Number
    23 Bret Holmes - Holmes II Excavation Chevrolet
    25 Michael Self - Sinclair Toyota
    27 Travis Braden - MatrixCare Ford - BER Number
    28 Carson Hocevar - Scott's Collectibles/GM Parts Now Chevrolet
    34 Mike Basham - Basham Racing Chevrolet
    48 Brad Smith - Copraya Web Chevrolet
    54 Tanner Gray - Valvoline Toyota - BER Number
    69 Scott Melton - Melton McFadden Insurance Toyota
    77 Joe Graf Jr. - T4G Number

    Most logos are from searching the web or made myself

    All cars are rated using NRatings. Special thanks to JR Franklin for the screen shots.


    1. 2019_ARCA_Chicagoland008.jpg
    2. 2019_ARCA_Daytona002.jpg
    3. 2019_ARCA_Daytona004.jpg
    4. 2019_ARCA_Iowa002.jpg
    5. 2019_ARCA_Chicagoland001.jpg
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