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Car Set 2019 ARCA Carset Batch 2 2020-02-10

30 cars from the 2019 ARCA season

  1. Ben Althen
    30 cars from the 2019 ARCA Menards season. All are Gen 6 cars to model after the composite bodies used in the ARCA Racing Series. All cars have pit crew and are rated and are for the .cts version of the 2013 BR Gen 6 mod.

    Templates from Big Evil Racing, big thanks to them for all they do with their resources.

    The Following cars are included:

    0 Wayne Peterson - Great Railing Chevrolet
    02 Andy Seuss - Robert B Our/Canto Paving Chevrolet
    06 Con Nicolopoulos - Great Railing Chevrolet
    09 CJ McLaughlin - SciAps Chevrolet
    3 Willie Mullins - Crow Wing Recycling/County Waste Ford
    4 Todd Gilliland - Frontline Enterprises Toyota - BER Number
    4 Drew Dollar - Lynx Capital/Dollar Construction Toyota - BER Number
    5 Bobby Gerhart - Lucas Oil Chevrolet
    7 Codie Rohrbaugh - Grant County Mulch Chevrolet
    9 Thomas Praytor - AIDB/Max Force Trucking Chevrolet
    11 Ed Pompa - Double H Ranch Toyota
    14 Connor Okrzesik - Metro Glass Chevrolet
    19 Raphael Lessard - FRL Express Chevrolet
    20 Harrison Burton - Dex Imaging Toyota
    21 Sheldon Creed - Chevy Accessories Chevrolet - BER Number
    28 Brandon McReynolds - HD Five Chevrolet
    30 Grant Quinlan - Jones Group Ford - BER Number
    32 Gus Dean - WinTron Racing/Ice Box Chevrolet - Masgrafx Number
    32 Austin Wayne Self - WinTron Racing/Ice Box Chevrolet - Masgrafx Number
    35 Brenden Queen - DuraGloss Chevrolet
    36 Paul Williamson - FV Recycling Chevrolet
    38 Kaden Honeycutt - C&S Trailers Ford
    43 Sean Corr - Nesco Chevrolet - BER Number
    44 Lexi Gay - Gordo's Ford - BER Number
    46 Thad Moffitt - Empire Racing Chevrolet - BER Number
    51 Carson Ware - Jacob Companies Toyota - BER Number
    52 Tyler Dippel - D&A Concrete Ford - Masgrafx Number
    54 Natalie Decker - N29 Technologies Toyota - BER Number
    55 Hailie Deegan - TRD 40th Anniversary Toyota
    57 Bryan Dauzat - OB Builders Chevrolet

    Thanks as usual to JR Franklin for the screenies


    1. 2019_ARCA_DuQuoin_007.jpg
    2. 2019_ARCA_Pocono_002.jpg
    3. 2019_ARCA_Pocono_006.jpg
    4. 2019_ARCA_Toledo_013.jpg
    5. 2019_ARCA_Toledo_016.jpg