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2019 ISCRA Procore Truck Series 1.0

43 trucks for the CWS15 Mod

  1. crazyboy335

    Here I have 43 trucks for the CWS15 mod. Two rosters are within the mod - one with all of the associates, as well as one that's just primary schemes. The download also contains a mainback that you can use with Mystical's UIE 2013 mod, plus a Procore windshield banner that goes inside the series directory.

    I know the truck count seems low, but I wanted to get this one out before the new year. Extra schemes will be available in expansion packs or in my Discord, which is linked in my signature.

    Credits are as follows:
    Templates - Big Evil Racing, @nj9703, @GambitJon, @zaw24fan, @games123, iRacing, and Dylan Baadte
    Bases - me
    Logos - me, Google, Big Evil Racing, @burtonbraves, BoTW, Racin Grafx, @John Gamboa
    Numbers - me, Big Evil Racing, MyFonts
    Renders - me

    These trucks are rated and come with crews. As always, enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. NoahC04
    Version: 1.0
    Once again, never seizes to amaze me!
  2. burtonbraves
    Version: 1.0
    Top notch as always, will have to give these a spin soon to get some inspiration haha