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Track Atlanta_2019MB Fixed the Link!

2019 Version of Atlanta Motor Speedway

  1. Matt Baker
    This is my version of Atlanta Motor Speedway as seen in 2019. Here are the notes:
    1) Huge thanks goes to the FSE guys, BB_MC guys, and Renault_Fan for testing and allowing me to use 3dos and mips.

    2) Revamped the track geometry so you're going to need some new setups. I have included setups for Cup and CTS physics.

    3) Added multi-groove racing. If you're going to race online there are different grip levels that you should for the middle and top groove, which are noted in the track ini file.

    4) Racing could prove interesting with CTS physics. They tend stay in a pack if the ratings are very similar. This does not happen with Cup physics.

    Please let me know if you find a bug or have suggestions.


    Track Maker Matt Baker

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  1. Skyline
    Version: Fixed the Link!
    Looks amazing thank you!