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Car Set Ground Pounder Designs Presents... The BACK TO THE FUTURE CAR SET! 2016-12-31

76 Modifed Paint Schemes of the Past... as They Would Look Today!

  1. J.R.Franklin
    Ground Pounder Designs wishes to extend Happy New Year greetings to all fans of Modified Racing both young and old with this fun and nostalgic car set.


    Painter Mike Ehresman's love of the golden days of modified racing in the Northeast has taken him on a quest to recreate 76 of the classic paint schemes of modified race cars from "back in the day" and put them on the current day modified bodies.

    Many of the memorable paint schemes of the "Heavy Hitters" from the 1970's Golden Era are represented in this set, including: Richie Evans (#61), Geoff Bodine (#1 and #99), Bugs Stevens (#15), Jerry Cook (#38), Ron Bouchard (#17), Ed Flemke (#2x), Charlie Jarzombek (#1), Maynard Troyer (#6), and many more of the national and local heroes of the short track modified racing scene from Stafford, Thompson, Riverside Park, Danbury, Claremont, Monadnock and other Northeast bullrings are all represented.

    The car set comes complete with ratings skewed to favor the "best of the best", but will still allow some of the local heroes to have a strong competitive top 5 run. Each car has a matching pit crew and a list file for the set is included.

    So now you can enjoy racing against the modern versions of these sentimental schemes or choose one to drive as a personal tribute to one your all-time favorites!

    *** ATTENTION***
    The Download Link Above Is Not Working. Here Is The Link For The Car Set:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from Mike Ehresman and the entire GPD Team!

    Here's a little sample of what you'll find inside...

    61_BTTF.jpg 38_BTTF.jpg 44_BTTF.jpg 01_BTTF.jpg


    1. 87_BTTF.jpg