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Michigan International Speedway 2003 Reconfiguration 2017-06-15

A total reconfiguration of Michigan to better match real-world dimensions and speed in 2003.

  1. Matt Baker
    This has been a long time coming, but here it is of the 2003 version of Michigan International Speedway! This version of Michigan includes a new configuration and signage that better matches that of the real world. I have tuned the track to better match the lap times, fall off and multigroove racing that existed in 2003. For the multigroove racing I didn't give the high too much grip because that caused the AI not pass on the bottom and I wanted make things equal. After 15-20 laps on the tires at 1x, you can definitely start searching the track to try and find a fast way that works for you. The cameras that are a bit of a mix of NBC and FOX from 2003.

    I have included a pretty competitive baseline setup to use with the cup physics in the folder and it's called "Race_Setup.cup.sim". If you feel the AI are too slow, you can remove the fast.cup.sim setup and replace it with this one. Note that the AI may let off a little early so be somewhat weary of that.

    If you guys really like this version I can quickly whip up a 2017 version of the track :).

    MichiganMB1.jpg MichiganMB2.jpg MichiganMB3.jpg


Recent Reviews

  1. InsideLine
    Version: 2017-06-15
    Thank You! Would like to see a 2017 version for sure.