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Track Michigan International Speedway FSE MB 2017 2017-09-21

2017 version of Michigan International Speedway.

  1. Matt Baker
    This is a 2017 version of MIS that mainly used the Firekeepers 400 as a reference.

    Some notes:
    1) The track has been reconfigured in comparison to the 2003 version by modifying the geometry in turns 3/4 and smoothing out the banking transition in turn 2. There is a banking difference in bottom groove of each corner. Watch out as the transition might "grab" the car and break the car loose.

    2) To get the 2017 experience with the default cup physics, use the 45 degree spoiler setups. These setups are available in the track folder and I recommend that you create a player folder and copy the files there. The setups are: Qualifying, Race 45 spoiler tight, and Race 45 spoiler. The track and AI have been tuned with the spoilers lowered to achieve higher straightaway speeds and lower cornering speeds.

    3) If you drive out of the groove in the turns there's less grip. Sometimes the AI will do this and you can see them slow down.

    4) The apron has added grip so you can accelerate and brake on the apron of the track at more realistic speeds.

    5) I have cranked up the ai_squeeze_pcnt to 1.45 so that the AI uses the bottom of the track more and is more likely to cause crashes.

    I had permission from Sean from FSE to use some of his objects for my track. All other logos were from Google or created by myself.

    Please let me know if you find something buggy or general comments.

    Thank you and enjoy!


    1. MichiganMB_2017a.jpg
    2. MichiganMB_2017b.jpg
    3. MIS1.jpg
    4. MIS2.jpg
    5. MIS3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. SlammanDan
    Version: 2017-09-21
    Thank You For Your Hard Work. Really Fun Track. The Seam From Lower Groove Is A Bit Grabby. Is There A Way To Decrease The Amount The Seam Grabs The Car? Otherwise Very Fun. Can Live With Seam Prob
  2. HJimenez42
    Version: 2017-09-21
    Thank you for your hard work on this track...It's really appreciated!
  3. nj9703
    Version: 2017-09-21
    Outstanding track. Tons of fun to drive, especially with the 45° spoiler setups.
  4. InsideLine
    Version: 2017-09-21
    Fantastic job Matt. Thank You!