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Track Rockingham 2016 (Fictional Duo) 2016-05-25

Fictional builds of Rockingham if NASCAR still raced there today.

  1. Thunder98
    Permission granted from Rob @Little E Fan to use his rebuild of Rockingham. These are edits to Rockingham that are my personal visualization of how I believe the track would look today if Nascar still raced there.
    NR2003ss006.jpg NR2003ss004.jpg NR2003ss005.jpg NR2003ss007.jpg NR2003ss008.jpg
    Logos from Google, BOTW, Scott Huhn, and myself.
    Original track by Revamped Reloaded, rebuild by APT
    Cam file is a mix between thirtyone29's '04 cam and RR's '12 cam.
    Air Titans thanks to @Mystical