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Track Taylor Swift Superdome 1.0

One treacherous short track for NR2003 that will make you leave with a little bad blood.

  1. Mystical

    If there is one thing you take away from this track, even if you hate it, is its definite proof that I was the one who made this thing. No one else in the community would make something this outlandish:

    Welcome to Taylor Swift Superdome! This 682 million dollar stadium was built in the heart of New York, New York. This stadium is a multi-venue facility that has a football field in the middle and a race track surrounding it. The idea is this stadium can be rented out for various events such as football games, concerts, and even races. The idea naming the track after my favorite singer Taylor Swift came into being when I got the idea if a famous and wealthy person commissioned to build a stadium. Many NFL stadiums are built after banks or other corporations so I figured why not base a stadium on a very influential person for this one. I always wanted to make a track with an excuse to have Taylor Swift in it so it came as a no brainer really. A stadium like track seemed to fit perfectly as well since it fits the vibe of a concert like viewing experience as well.


    Some may see some similarities of this track to the well known Nascar Thunder game that had a track called 'Dodge Raceway' and you would be right. I took inspiration of that stadium like track and made a bigger and more buff version essentially. While this one does not race anything close to that track you will still get a similar atmosphere being surrounded by towering stadiums and the pit road on the outside of the track under the grandstands. Make no mistake, even though its named after the bubbly singer Taylor Swift and has pink walls this track is really treacherous.


    Like with Armory Digital Superspeedway all my tracks after that will include special features along with top notch quality. Every track I build I learn more and more about how to not only make tracks faster but more optimized, original, and most importantly ways to give the player something unique to race on in NR2003 that they've never seen before.


    Speaking of features here is a quick rundown of what you can expect in this track:

    - Custom 3do's litter this track everywhere. Like most tracks I make, over 95% of the 3do's on this track were specifically built for this track that you won't find on any of my other ones.

    - Custom textures and graphics tailored to this track specifically. This track uses all custom textures and graphics. No default NR2003 textures will be found here. Enjoy high detail quality on the racing surface and walls that will immerse you into the track.

    - Caution lights on this track are a little different than what you may see on other tracks. Instead of caution lights near the track walls, whenever a caution occurs you will see all 3 billboard rows in the grandstands light up with caution signs. Regardless of where a driver is on the track this 360 degree system will allow drivers to easily know when the yellow flag has been thrown. Not only does it make cautions apparent for drivers but all the fans in the stands will be just as aware as well.

    - Race how you want: Multi-groove lanes in the corners allow for some really good side by side action all the way around the track. If you think the low lane is the only way to pass cars you'll be mistaken. This track gives you and the AI multiple ways to pass for a fun racing experience. There are times later in a run with warm tires that are worn you can even dime in the corners and come out near the bottom of the track to gain an edge.

    - One of the new things seen in 2015 for Nascar was many tracks indicating on the racing surface or walls where the restart zone is located. You'll see this reflected in this track as well. This is also a feature all my future tracks will include as well (if they are meant to be for stock car style racing or have walls in the restart zone of course)


    I hope you enjoyed this quick tour and the track when you get a chance to try it out.

    wait .... what (whispers in ear) you mean there is more? (whispers in ear more) oh yeah ... I almost forgot:


    Along with the day version comes the closed dome/night version of the track as well. The roof for this track closes completely covering the sky from weather or other elements. So whether you want a day race with the dome closed or prefer a night race the choice is yours. Included in every download of this track you'll see a folder option where you can choose to have the dome roof open or closed. I don't think any other NR2003 track gave you the option to do something like this before. I know there have been other stadium like tracks or underground ones but now you have the choice to open the roof or keep it closed. This track will never have rain delays, thats one thing for sure.


    I had a really fun time making this track. It was a quick side project while I was working on and finishing up the other track. I wanted to get this thing done much earlier in the year and actually release it on August 8th, 2015 the day I went to Centurylink Field in Seattle to see Taylor Swift's concert live. Unfortunately due to real life stuff I didn't get the track done anywhere close in that window so consider it an early Christmas present now. I don't want to open Pandora's box by saying too much but this may not be the last you see of 'stadium' style tracks from me in the future. I would be willing to share my crazy idea of what I mean exactly later on in another post if there are those interested but for now this track is a good starting point and I learned many new things along the way. So if it turns out this track design isn't for you but you enjoy my other tracks just know the knowledge I earned making this track will benefit all future tracks I release helping them be more optimized and developed faster. If you've actually read this far and managed not to skip it all then I have one last thing to say before I go: Another new tradition I am officially starting with track and going forward is easter eggs. I figured I spend so long on this I should treat myself a bit and goof off a little with track 3do's and mips. On this track specifically there are several fun easter eggs hidden around the track. Can you find them all? Only hint I will give is they can all be found in the pit areas under the grandstands.

    One final bonus image, something you can't really see up close on the track, yes I did indeed even fully create from scratch a pretty close to scale football field in the middle. When I set out to make something I will never do half effort or rush it. This is one pillar I always will hold true to and why my NR2003 content sometimes takes ages to release, if its not done right with the proper care I wouldn't bother releasing it ever.


    See you in a few days for my other track, the big event has yet to come. This was only a starter and if you liked this track I can almost guarantee you'll like whats coming up next.

Recent Reviews

  1. GordonFanatic24
    Version: 1.0
    I love the track, it's incredibly designed and great in every way. From the layout of the stadium to the little easter eggs you placed around the outside

    The only think I might ask is if it's possible to change the Taylor Swift thing. I know the theme is the 1989 tour and because you're a fan of her and I respect that, but I'm just not a fan of pastel blue and pink around it. Again it's my opinion and I'm not looking for a fight. All I'm asking is if it's possible to have an alternate one made where it's like an authentic football stadium, like the outdoor one is rendered like CenteryLink Field with the Seahawks and the indoor one rendered after The Mercedes-Benz Superdome with the Saints?

    I don't mind whether it happens or not it's all just my opinion with what I like but nontheless it's a gorgeous track and stadium that has had every little detail put in to make it authentic and for that I praise you Mystical, it looks absolutely phenomenal!
  2. CoyDoesMCPE
    Version: 1.0
    This reminds me a lot of Dodge Raceway on the EA Sports NASCAR games, but much improved! Thank you so much!
  3. dako
    Version: 1.0
    Unique and outstanding!

    Thank you very much for this track Mystical!
  4. pomcat
    Version: 1.0
    Great Track , thank mystical