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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV1 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DAY2 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. 123456789colton

    Trying out a premiere for my offline league. Catch it tonight!

    Here is the watch page. The cup series enters race #7. After a 31 car wreck happened at Darlington last week, what will Michigan hold tonight? Check in at 11pm for the action!!
  2. 123456789colton

    NR2003 Allstar Arca Offline Series Signups!

    Hello everyone! As my league is currently in season #2, I have decided to start a 3rd mini series for anyone else wanting to get in on the offline fun!! So, this is a "developmental series" as most of the members of my league have been in season #1, and the others have been in special races...
  3. 123456789colton

    Check out the Allstar Offline Racing Series on Youtube!

    Hey everyone, we are in Season #2, a few races in! I'm inviting everyone to subscribe to the channel and check out the league!! We now run 2018 trucks, and 2019 mencs. The signups are closed, but that doesn't mean you can't come watch the races!! Plus get up to date info on the league, the next...
  4. 123456789colton

    [LIVE!] 2nd Daytona 500 AND Truck Race @Daytona Allstar Offline Racing Series!

    Hey everyone! We are LIVE!!! click the link below!! We are about to start our 2nd annual season, with the trucks as a new series!! 80 in the cup series 40 laps in the truck series.
  5. 123456789colton

    Season #2 Allstar Offline Racing Series -Truck SIGNUPS!-

    Hey everyone, after a great season #1 I had posted the cup signups last night, and in a few hours they completely filled up. I was hoping to get a post started here for cup, but that did not happen. I did however, start a 2nd series...the 2018 Truck series! We are only allowing 1 entry per...
  6. 123456789colton

    Fixing broken NR2003 Tracks

    Well as I am almost done with the original track update, someone on this forum sent me 2 tracks asking to take a look at them. They are basically broken and useless for now. I got to thinking, maybe just MAYBE I can take my track editing to another level. I want to try and fix the "broken"...
  7. 123456789colton

    MENCS Cars & Tracks Question

    I'm sorry for posting about this, but let me explain... I recently tried joining stunod racing so I could be apart of another community, and have access to their downloads. Well the username I picked was rejected as they said it was to simple. Now, I am not able to rejoin as it says my email is...
  8. 123456789colton

    Catch the final Allstar Offline Race this Wednesday @6pm est!

    The 1st season of the allstar offline racing is about to be in the books! It's been a wild season, a lot of drama and crazy finishes and this Wednesday at 6pm est we settle it all. Live on YouTube, watch and see who will win the championship. 5 drivers have a shot to win it. 42 drivers start the...
  9. 123456789colton

    Could you critique my 1st stop motion race?

    I've seen these types of videos for years. I finally broke down and decided to try one after seeing the one youtuber make a stop motion of the Talladega flip this season. It was awesome to see that much creativity!'s my very...short stop motion creation lol Critiques are very...
  10. 123456789colton

    Can a title be transferred like this?

    There is a car I really want to buy, but ling story short the only day that would work for us to exchange the car and title is on sunday. The notary places are closed on sundays. We both live in PA but he is 5 hours away from me. So I was wondering, if I drove to his house and we exchanged the...
  11. 123456789colton

    Mustang or Kia?

    I currently have 1 car, an '05 Dodge Neon SXT. I use this as a delivery vehicle (ever since I had a cracked dash, and a fender bender) I figured it would be a good car to deliver in. I'm looking to buy a 2nd car, to use just as a cruise around car, or a fun day off car. I have narrowed a...
  12. 123456789colton

    Halloween Offline Qualifier Races & Main INFO!

    I'll be deleting the signup post here shortly, as signups have been closed. Here is where I will post any info from the 4 qualifying races, as well as the LCQ and the Main race. Also if anyone has any questions or anything, feel free to ask here! We just did the 1st 2 qualifying races last...
  13. 123456789colton

    HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Offline Race! Signups OPEN "Prizes to Win!"

    Hey everyone! So, my girlfriend and I are adding to our growing offline league races that we currently run. We are now open for signups for the 2019 NR2003 Halloween Offline Event. You can check out the info here INFO PRIZES: $50 to first, trophies for 2nd and 3rd. Or $40 for first and a...
  14. 123456789colton

    Does anyone know who the owner of TEAM SBR is and how to contact them?

    I went on to their website and it seems the forum is dead, and possibly the website itself. From what I found the last update was many years ago. I need to ask the owner a question. I tried searching a few usernames on here, but nothing popped up, as well as searching team sbr, I got a ton of...
  15. 123456789colton

    The Original Track Update is BACK And Better Than Ever!!!!!

    Hey guys and gals!! I first of all want to say I am sorry for being inactive for far too long! Don't think I wasn't working on this massive project though. I am back in full swing. After an absence due to many personal issues, and just the normal things life throws at us I had to step back and...
  16. 123456789colton

    Indy Dash At Dega 2016

    Hey everyone! Last night we hosted 2 Dash at Dega races. The first attempt had a wrong setup and it was follow the leader.... However, I changed the setup and it allowed for some great intense pack racing. (And if you were brave enough you could try bump drafting, which works but its scary at...
  17. 123456789colton

    Anyone ever try running a race from a mobile hotspot??

    This is a bit of an odd question, but has anyone ever done this? Lol For years I have wanted to run my own races again but long story (And very annoying) I can't. However tonight I decided to try and run a server using my Iphone as a mobile hotspot. Once the hotspot was on, I connected both of...
  18. 123456789colton

    Which Internet would be the best for online racing?

    So along time ago I used to race online in many different NR2003 leagues and also ran my own for about 2 years. At the time I had Comcast and we had a cable modem. The connection was pretty good as well as the server, about 90% of the time. Anyway years later I want to get back to online racing...
  19. 123456789colton

    How long are your offline races?

    Just curious as to what everyone runs percent wise. How long until you get bored or can't play anymore??
  20. 123456789colton

    After editing tracks in sandbox they do not load, but no error message..

    I've been editing tracks in sandbox recently. I have been editing the walls. After i'm done editing I save the ptf file, and pack the .dat in winmip 2 then copy the .dat from the shared folder into the track folder. Everything works just fine after I do that. Recently I have been messing with...