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2006 Bank Of America Decal CuddlerGrouch
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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. Sage

    Converting Files

    If you've only painted one (1) pace car but you want it to show all of the time this is how I've always gone about it... Save your 'paint' as a .bmp someplace you'll remember (maybe make a 'pacecar' folder?). Launch WinMip2. Click: File > Open and navigate to your saved pacecar 'paint' .bmp...
  2. Sage

    Yellow Flag Penalty Help?

    I believe that he stated in his original post that this is at Homestead.
  3. Sage

    Stewart-Haas Door Associate Decal Help

    Depending on which design program you're using (PS, PSP, GIMP, etc.) just find the logos you need ~ preferably on a transparent background (.png, .psd, .psp), pixel lock the layer and fill with white. That's all it would take.
  4. Sage

    Rain Eater Wiper Layered (Request)

    OK. I added the 'swoosh' to the logo at RG. Same link as above. If the image hasn't changed for you simply hit F5 to refresh the page.
  5. Sage

    Rain Eater Wiper Layered (Request)

    There's a 'Rain Eater' logo, already layered, available at:;sa=item;in=685 Mind you, there's no wiper blade included.
  6. Sage

    America's logo

    I know that this is an old post but if no one else pops up with one, here's one I tossed together for y'all...;sa=item;in=18098
  7. Sage

    Newest patch

    Big D Online Motorsports doesn't allow hotlinking so that's why that image pops up when you click on 4WideRacing's link. But the download link is were he says... 2015-Bullring Generation-6 Download. The download link is the lighter blue text...
  8. Sage

    Looking for this diecast display case...

    I don't know where you're located or what the cost of one of those is, but if you're near a TAP Plastics (they're mostly on the west coast) or really, any good plastics retailer that also does manufacturing, they could probably knock one out for you. If you're at all handy they can sell you all...
  9. Sage

    #111 ICE BREAK - Ford ( V8 Supercar - convert - fictional )

    Nice stuff Andy. For anyone that wants them I just released an Ice Break logoset at RacinGrafix...;sa=item;in=18097
  10. Sage

    Muddslide18 Showroom

    Here's some for you to work with...
  11. Sage

    KBB Logo

    Here's a quickie I threw together. It's all of one layer (not counting the background).;sa=item;in=18091
  12. Sage

    Texture Help

    You could also try using images of clouds and adding a gradient overlay.
  13. Sage

    New Mod Thread.

    Have you looked at/for/into NHRA Drag Racing Main Event (also called NHRA Drag Racing 2), NHRA Drag Racing Quarter Mile Showdown (QMS) or NHRA Drag Racing Top Fuel Thunder (TFT)? All of them allow you to tweak pretty much any & every aspect of a car and you get to do burnouts, back-up, pull the...
  14. Sage

    Original Cup Scenes?

    Stunod works for me. Maybe try again? As for original CUP scenes...yep, they have a couple:
  15. Sage

    Bob Pressley #54 and Jack Ingram #11 decals?

    I'd say that it isn't a 'font' at all (at least not in the sense you are talking about) but more of what the sign painter came up with (remember, this was done before vinyl / digital prints / anything PC) which may or may not have been based on an existing typeface. If you look at the number...
  16. Sage

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    This is a killer idea! Looks so cool. My only question is...what do you do after a caution when your spotter tells you, 'Get behind the ___ car'?
  17. Sage

    Pontiac Sunfire

    They aren't decals, but there's these:
  18. Sage

    Valvoline Font

    I'm thinking that it may well be proprietary (meaning that it was designed just for this logotype and there may not be an entire alphabet). Now, that doesn't mean that someone hasn't created a font by extrapolating out the rest of the alphabet, but it's not one that I'm aware of. Of course...
  19. Sage

    Retro #25 Ken Schrader Kodiak Chevy BR15 Gen6

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in the sign industry. Man...cutting rubylith...that really takes me back. That and Zipatone. I used to do a lot of that type of work freelancing for various printers. I still do that,but now it's all digital, although some designs still start as pencil...
  20. Sage

    Retro #25 Ken Schrader Kodiak Chevy BR15 Gen6

    Not to get too off topic but how'd you like working for the sign shop? I only ask because I've been in the sign trade for coming up on my 47th year (long before computers and anything digitized) and I always figured that I've got to be one of the luckiest guys in the world, seeing as I fell into...