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2006 Bank Of America Decal CuddlerGrouch
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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. WyattW

    Wyatt (Wjw1888) 's Showroom

    Going to make some schemes this year to help contribute to the community. FOR ALL TRUCKS- Credits are as following: Renders: StunodRacing Template: Bill1947, SkylineCustoms, 3djedi Logos: Google, Myself Numbers: BigEvilRacing #21 ZANE SMITH- CHARLOTTE #30 BRENNAN POOLE- CHARLOTTE
  2. WyattW

    Road America HR help

    Hello everyone. I know there is a very old post on here about how to fix the infamous Road America HR track, but everything I have tried from that forum discussion does not work. Every time I go into the game and try and load the track, I get stuck on the loading pop up forever. If anyone would...
  3. WyattW

    LMPV2 Pit Board Location Help

    I am having trouble locating where I can customize the pit board for a Late Model, am I missing it or is there somewhere I need to go to customize one?
  4. WyattW

    Posting full size images?

    How can I post full-size images of renders on here, all I can post is thumbnail size ones. Thank you!
  5. WyattW

    Fictional 2019 Xfinity Series Roster

    Since I like to think I am getting better at painting, I'm going to attempt to paint an entire field of cars with driver names, teams, and other information more on the creative end. Stay tuned for more added cars! (Keep in mind this is all fantasy!) ALL CREDITS: (Same for each car unless...
  6. WyattW

    Wyatt's Paints

    Starting a new thread where I post my NR2003 Paints. By the way, I am very new to painting on NR2003 and iRacing. FOR ALL CARS: Templates: SplashNGo Racing Logos: Google Numbers: BigEvilRacing Contigs: Google
  7. WyattW

    Kevin Harvick #33 Number request

    Hi, does anyone have a download for Kevin Harvick’s KHI #33 number? It would be much appreciated, thank you!
  8. WyattW

    Score4 Registration Code

    Hi, so I have Score4 all set up on my desktop but I did not find a registration code anywhere. Is there any way I can get a code for it? Thank you!
  9. WyattW

    NR2003 Championship Multiple Schemes for an AI

    Hey, I don't know if this ever has been answered, but is it possible for me to have multiple paint schemes for one AI and not have them counted as separate drivers in the Championship standings? It would make it a lot more realistic. Thanks!