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2006 Bank Of America Decal CuddlerGrouch
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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. jcoppola11

    Score 4 problem?

    I just downloaded Score 4 and I like it waaaayyy better than WCPoints Calculator! But on Masgrafx the download comes with a registration code to get all of the features but the registration code doesn't work! Help please!!!!! Thanks!
  2. jcoppola11

    Talladega Revamped 2010??

    My computer that I had all of my NR2003 stuff on recently crashed so I am starting over with downloading everything...but when I redownloaded Talladega Revamped 2010 it wont work! It says "Unable to load track, Cancelling the weekend." And I saw on another post that you have to download the...
  3. jcoppola11

    Couple of Questions....

    1. On the nr2k3tracks website for the 1998 BGN Carset it says it's for the Cup90 Mod but its not! It's for the PWF Mod. Does anyone know where to find the Cup90 Mod version? 2. I was also looking for a 1999 BGN Car Set for the Cup90 mod and found that it was being worked on. Was it released...
  4. jcoppola11


    Can anybody help me in finding carsets or even cars for the following years... Trucks 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 Busch 1998 2001 2002 Cup 1998 1999 2000 Thanks in advance :)
  5. jcoppola11

    Realistic Soundpack

    Can somebody point me in the direction of a good realistic sounding soundpack for NR2003? Thanks :)
  6. jcoppola11

    2 Car Drafting

    Just wondering if there is any way to recreate the 2 car drafting superspeedway style on NR2003...Is there a track to download or do you have to mess with the ini? Help! Thanks
  7. jcoppola11

    A couple of questions...Help Please!

    1. Can somebody post a link for Talladega Revamped that is down, I cant seem to find it anywhere! 2. How can you get the superspeedways to use the 2 car drafting system that they use now? Do you have to do something to the ini? Help Please!!! Thanks :)
  8. jcoppola11

    2001 or 2002 bgn carsets??

    Is there any bgn carsets from 2001 or 2002? I know they were in the process if being made but did they ever come out? :err:
  9. jcoppola11

    Is there anyway...?

    Just wondering if there is any way to watch other cars' qualifying runs on NR2003. I am an avid player of the game and i just wanted to know if there is any way to do it? Is there maybe an add-on? Thanks! :elvis: