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2006 Bank Of America Decal CuddlerGrouch
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J.J. Yeley #52 Pack Harry Nurpplez
All cars that Yeley ran for JMR early in the 2020 season
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42 - Clover Camaro - MART2 Hendrick9Fan
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42 - Clover Camaro - DOV2 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. Darrell Pace

    CWTS 14/15 Render Request

    Good morning, Can I request a couple of renders to be done for the Chevrolet Silverado I painted? If possible, can I ask for at least on-track render? Mod : Team Omega CWS 14/15 Template : BER CWS 15 Chevrolet Silverado Credits : Base : Me (mockup of the 2000 Andy Houston CAT Rentals...
  2. Darrell Pace

    CWTS 2015 Render Request

    Hello, May I please request a render to be completed of this CWTS 2015 Chevrolet Silverado? Nothing fancy is needed. Please and Thanks!
  3. Darrell Pace

    Text Help Please

    Hello, I have a question regarding adding a border or outline to a pre-created ( i.e. Google Image ) logo. I have a QuikTrip png file with the text QuikTrip in white only. What I am wanting is to know how to add a outline or border to the text to make it stand out more on cars. I am using...
  4. Darrell Pace

    BRGen6 Render Request

    Hello, May I request some renders for this BRGen6 Chevrolet SS I painted? Please and Thanks!
  5. Darrell Pace

    BRCUP2013 Render Requests

    May I please request a render done for this BRCUP2013 Chevrolet SS? Nothing fancy I just would like shots of the paint from all sides if possible. Thanks!
  6. Darrell Pace

    BRCUP13 Render Requests X2

    Hello, May I please request the Daytona on track render scene for these two BRCUP13 Dodge Chargers? I will update with the appropriate credits shortly. Thank You!
  7. Darrell Pace

    NCTS09 Render Request

    Hey guys, May I request a couple renders done for this NCTS09 Chevrolet Silverado I put together? I would like the on-track scenes if possible. Thanks! Credit: Template: Alan Harkleroad Base: NDG Logos: Google Numbers: Turn4Graphics Thanks! The file is posted below in RAR format...
  8. Darrell Pace

    Laptop Question

    Guys, I am looking into getting a new laptop to use for a painting / racing unit in one. Can I please get a few recommendations about this laptop listed below to see if I can run NR2003 well off of it? I am thinking I can but not really sure. Thanks! HP Envy Specifications Hardware...
  9. Darrell Pace

    Rain-X Truck Render Request

    May I request a few renders of this truck? I would like to see a couple on-track realistic scenes if possible Please. Thanks! Credits: Base: NDG Number: Masgrafx Logos: Masgrafx, Google, RPD, BCR Template: BCR
  10. Darrell Pace

    Font ID Please

    Can someone point me in the direction as to what font Bacon / Hot Dogs logo is on Aric Almirola's Gwaltney's Ford Fusion from the Martinsville race? Below is a reference link. Thank You!
  11. Darrell Pace

    BRCUP12 Render Request Please

    May I get two seperate realistic renders done for these two BRCUP12 Chevrolet Impala's I painted for myself? Please and Thank You!
  12. Darrell Pace

    Outlaw Designs

    Outlaw Designs is a new NR2003 painting website focused on painting for various mods available for the NASCAR 2003 Racing Season PC simulation. The only mods not supported are the newest mods released such as the NWS11 mod. But please stop by and give them a look, and if you feel like you want...
  13. Darrell Pace

    Texas Pete Logo Help Please

    I am hoping someone would help me by seperating the layers in this logo. I am hoping to get one file with each indivdual layer seperated ( i.e. the kidney bean shape, the cowboy and whip, the Texas Pete lettering, and the star and chili pepper ). I am planning on running a offline race similar...
  14. Darrell Pace

    BR2011 Cup Series Render Please

    May I get this Chevrolet Impala rendered in a few different scenes please? It is for a fellow members request. Thanks!
  15. Darrell Pace

    Nationwide Render Request Please

    May I get this Chevrolet Impala I painted rendered with a few scenes please? Thank You Very Much and credits will be given after the render is completed!
  16. Darrell Pace

    Resizing logos for contigs.

    Can someone please tell/show me how to resize logos so they stil remain crisp and clear with minimum pixelating? I have seen some awesome flats, and renders of guys paints here and other places and their logos seem great and very little distortion. Is it a re-sizing in Paint Shop or something...
  17. Darrell Pace

    Can I get a number layered?

    I have this eps file from Turn 4 graphics that I was hoping someone here could layer it for me. I would appreciate it. Thanks! I believe it would turn out to be three total layers but not sure, also I saw that opening it at 300 would be pretty large. Thanks again to whomever takes the request. :)
  18. Darrell Pace

    Canadian Tires Mod Render Request

    May I get a few renders done for the Impala I painted? It is for the Canadian Tire Series Mod fitting on the PWF GNS Chevrolet body I believe. Thanks! :)
  19. Darrell Pace

    Monster Energy Drink Rehab Logo

    Does any here have the logo or know where I can find it? Searching around I haven't been able to find it here or a few other sites. Maybe I am overlooking it, Thanks for any help provided. Below is a link to a picture of what I mean...
  20. Darrell Pace

    Bullring 2011 Render Please

    May I please get some renders done for this Bullring Chevrolet Impala? Any renders will do but I would like a on track scene if possible. Thanks to whomever takes this request! (y)