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  1. JCal-MX

    some On track renders with Corona Renderer

    Hey All, I started messing around and making my own scenes, hope you enjoy them.
  2. JCal-MX

    Jcal’s collection

    im new at collecting diecasts so there will be updates as of now I don’t have much Every harvick car but the JJ’s car is a normal finish. The JJ’s is galaxy color. 87/205 autographed
  3. JCal-MX

    Jcal-Mx 's show room

    just a few of my paints from the last couple days the Turn5 kahne car was a request from someone who works for turn5 most of my paints are available at NNR redits Number/BER Base/ME Temp/SNG Render/SNG/ME
  4. JCal-MX

    Kevin Harvick Throwback Fict

    its been awhile since I've done anything with Nr2003 I was feeling nostalgic so I painted a few things here is one of them credit goes to BER/SNG for the template and the mod. I just googled the rest of the logos and numbers, thanks to BER/SNG for the render scene, I rendered it my self
  5. JCal-MX

    there's no twist throttle on this beast

    this was his show car for his signing to jgrmx, number me, temp moparman/ srd, base me logos google.
  6. JCal-MX

    James (bubba) stewart signs with JGR

    I don't know if you follow AMA like i do, but being a fan of both NASCAR and AMA motocross i think this is pretty sweet, James Stewart will race for JGR on his motocross team next year and says he has his eyes set on NASCAR racing for jgr of course.
  7. JCal-MX

    NWS pokemon rumble render request

    may i have a two car hi rez render please and anything you want to make please? thankyou
  8. JCal-MX

    NWS joey Logano Battlefield 3 Fictional

    base me, lgogs google, temp moparman /SRD. render tenors, number SRD
  9. JCal-MX

    dale jrs 1997 bush cars- 3 car render please?

    these where my first cars when i started painting in January, may i have one picture with all there cars in it? please and thanks
  10. JCal-MX

    convert nws11 to gta sa?

    hi i was wondering if it was possible to convert the nws11 mod for my own personal use on gta san andreas have an add on gta sa to make the hot ring race into Texas motor speed way and there are no nascar mods for gta but there are mods for every other car in existence, i could probably get...
  11. JCal-MX

    corona/ telcel nws11 chevy

    temp SRD, number SRD render tenors base me logos google
  12. JCal-MX

    track lighting?

    i have couple tracks added to my game that im not quite happy with the lighting and the saturation, how can i edit the lighting in these tracks, do i need to use the sandbox editor? thanks in advance
  13. JCal-MX

    Canadian Tire Series carset PWF

    ive started a new carset,the 2011 Canadian tire series for the pwf gns mod, heres the first car, your more than welcome to help with schemes if your interested temp lurn2burn, render tenors, base me, logos google, contigs flyersfan ps. i fixed the left side number since render
  14. JCal-MX

    my offline ride

    logos SRD/GOOGLE, number MASGRAFX, render tbay, temp SRD, base ME what do you think
  15. JCal-MX

    canadian tire #83 render please?

    may i have a two car render please, front and back? logos SRD/ goooooogle, number MAS, temp srd, base me, ] :D thanks in advance
  16. JCal-MX

    nascar hall of fame #88 nws11, WIP

    i need some help making this better, render tenors, number SRD, base me, logos google, temp SRD
  17. JCal-MX

    aric almirola gt vodka nws11

    number srd, base me, logos google/stunod, temp srd render burtonbraves its as accurate as my patience will allow me to be enjoi
  18. JCal-MX

    can i haz a render please

    can i please have a two car render please, number srd, base me, logos google/stunod, temp srd thanks in advance
  19. JCal-MX

    sprite # 7 fictional

    this was a request i did for someone at nnr, i like the way it turned out so number google, temp SRD, base me, render tenors
  20. JCal-MX

    pizza anyone? w.i.p.

    number srd, base me, temp srd, logos google, render tenors not done yet i cant tell what the minor sponsors are from the pics i used as a reference