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    Jeb Burton Logo ID?

    What is the logo that I highlighted on Jeb Burton's car?
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    Signature Help

    Does anyone have either a file or a good quality image of the signature Tyler Ankrum uses on his namerail this year?
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    Font ID

    What is the font that is used for the Snider on Myatt Snider's door signature?
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    Ciccarelli Font ID

    What would the font be for the bottom text on the Ciccarelli Moving & Installations logo on Ray's truck from Daytona? I know the CMI text is obviously the font Hendrick uses for the 24 and 48.
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    Chevy Logo Help?

    Where would I be able to find a version of the Chevy Accessories logo seen most recently on the hood of Ross Chastain's #10 car?
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    2020 Truck Contig

    Can anyone help me with what the logo is beneath Lincoln Welders on the contigs this year?
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    Alex's Showroom

    Thought I'd make a showroom and show off some of my work for once. Just fictional schemes based off of announcements during the offseason, and rumors as well(which you'll see later at some point). Starting off with Trucks, because I've never been fond of the way the CWS15 Templates are laid...
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    Driver Sig Help?

    I've been working away at some Mock Series cars, because I am a completionist, I need some assistance finding these two driver sigs. Landon Cassill(The one he uses with StarCom) Kurt Busch(His Chip Gnassi Racing one) Thanks for any and all assistance!
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    Logo Font Help?

    Does anyone know the font that the Franek and Auto Sales are in. I got the Dave, but nothing else seems to identify a matching one for those two. Thanks!
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    Number Font Help?

    Can anyone identify the font that my local Spint Car racer Davie Franek uses on his car? It looks familiar but I just cant think of what it is. Also, if you could identify the fonts used on the Dave Franek Auto Sales logo as well, that would be amazing! Thanks, Alex
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    Flex Seal Font?

    Anyone know what font is used on the side of the JD Motorsports cars?
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    Lucas Oil Font

    What is the font used on Bobby Gerhart's ARCA cars for the Lucas Oil text? I've tried several font identifiers but none of them have worked.
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    A Few Driver Sigs

    I am looking for: Jimmie Johnson Chad Finchum Jeffery Earnhardt Daniel Suarez Martin Truex Jr. Timmy Hill Carl Long Cole Custer Just the font will work for what I'm doing. I'll add more as I need them. Thanks!
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    Elliott Sadler Sig?

    Sorry to post twice in a day. Anyone know what font Elliott Sadler's sig on this car is?
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    Font ID Help

    Anyone know the font used for the lettering by the rear wing on this car? I've tried 6 different font id sites and they all came up empty. (The Automotive, Insurance, and Travel text)
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    Font Help?

    Does anyone know what the font is for the "Bargain Outlet" lettering seen on the side of this car? Thanks in advance!
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    A Few Driver Sigs

    I'm looking for a few driver sigs for a 2007 set I'm doing for my career mode. Casey Mears Mark Martin Brian Vickers Even just the font might help(I'm not great at doing outlines and such with text). Thanks in advance.
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    2018 NASCAR Fictional Universe Carset

    Fiction, a world of imagination. A world that the likes of Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and many others have mastered. A world where anything can happen. That, is the world in which the NASCAR Pepsi Cup Series takes place. This carset is NASCAR in a alternate world. No...
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    NXS17 Toyota

    Just a normal two car render will be fine.
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    "Fueled By Bacon" Font ID?

    Does anyone know what the font is for the "Fueled By Bacon" seen on Aric Almirola's Smithfield schemes? I've looked around a little but came out with nothing.