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  1. MillsLayne


    Niki Lauda passed away today. Not sure anyone behind the wheel was as tough as he was. He and James can battle it out again...
  2. MillsLayne

    Robert Yates Passes Away

    Sadly, Robert Yates has passed away tonight. Doug Yates' tweet:
  3. MillsLayne

    Biffle being sued by ex-wife for hidden cameras... Jeez, this is kind of a weird one. Hopefully, it's just for what he says he intended them for and not for anything else.
  4. MillsLayne

    Racing Icons Car Pack DLC released!

    New cars! And they're new RACE cars (love it!) to add to the GT3 class, as well as adding the LMP900 and GT1 classes. I just did an online race with a few people in Le Mans with the new cars and I picked the BMW V12. I had a cushion of about 14 seconds of a lead when I went off track and...
  5. MillsLayne

    Assetto Corsa Coming to Consoles in 2016!

    I don't if anyone else saw this, but the consoles yet another sim racer next year in the form of Assetto Corsa! I haven't played this on PC, personally, but I've seen a few videos and a couple of friends of mine that play it love it. This coming on the heels of PCars recent release on consoles...
  6. MillsLayne

    3M leaves Biffle for Gordon in 2015, effect on Roush?

    Jayski's® NASCAR Silly Season Site - NASCAR Sprint Cup News Page A huge blow to Roush, in what looks like a continuing sinking ship. If Kellogg's leaves, oh boy...
  7. MillsLayne

    Ambrose Going Back To V8 Supercars With Penske?

    Jayski's® NASCAR Silly Season Site - NASCAR Sprint Cup News Page Just rumors at this point, but from what the article says, it would make sense for both Ambrose and Penske. Marcos has done a pretty good job in the years he's been over here, but I doubt he'll ever be a champion, and to go...
  8. MillsLayne

    Favorite Driver Helmet Designs

    The title pretty much says it and it's something I've recently become very interested in since I'm getting into karting a little bit on an amateur level. A friend of mine (plus all of his karting buddies) have their own custom helmets and I started thinking about what I'd want on mine. I've...
  9. MillsLayne

    Gen6BR #81 Toyota Care Camry Render Request

    Hi guys, I was hoping to get a couple of slick scenes for this one. I didn't really have to put a lot into this since I got the base from Paints by RAH, but damn, this is one of my favorite schemes and it looks good on a Cup car. Thanks in advance! Template - Big Evil Racing Base - RAH...
  10. MillsLayne

    Firefox Not Displaying Web Pages Correctly?

    I was just wondering if anyone else were experiencing an issue I've come across tonight when I started using Firefox. When it went to my homepage (, it just showed the page in text format, basically. I didn't think much of it (it does happen from time to time), but then as I kept...
  11. MillsLayne

    #81 KFC Camry (BR2013)

    My first paint for the new mod. Nothing special, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Whatever works, but preferably a nice two car scene or on track scene. Thanks in advance! Credits: Template - Bullring Numbers - Davechi04 Logos - Deadpool, Masgrafx, Google, lB4JR...
  12. MillsLayne

    I can't get Xpadder to work on Windows 8

    I'm hoping someone here knows what Xpadder is and I'm also hoping some of you have Windows 8 because I'm in a frustrating situation here. I'm trying to set up my XBox 360 controller on my PC to be able to map certain keyboard functions to my controller. I've used Xpadder on my older PCs and...
  13. MillsLayne

    Running NR2003 on Windows 8?

    Before anyone asks, I did read the other thread titled 'Windows 8', but what I'm experiencing wasn't really described. Anyway, my wife and I recently bought a new PC and it has Windows 8 64 bit on it. We're going from XP to 8 now, so I'm somewhat lost as to what changed in terms of installing...
  14. MillsLayne

    Racing Videos

    I'm not sure if there's already a thread dedicated to this, but if not, we should have one. Just a thread where you can post racing videos and talk about them and whatnot. They can be anytime, anywhere, any style of racing, etc. Doesn't matter. I wanted to start it off with Jeff Gordon's...
  15. MillsLayne

    NWS11 Tide render request

    Just something I whipped up real quick. I felt sort of inspired by that #21 Tide scheme I saw in the 2012 Scheme discussion thread. While not exactly like that, the simplicity is essentially the same. And since this is something I'm still working on, I was hoping to get a little feedback...
  16. MillsLayne

    WIP BR12 Request

    I'm still working on this one (trying to transfer from BR11 to 12), although I kinda like it as an alternate scheme as it is! And I'll be honest, I opened up the new 2048 template, threw the logos and numbers on, and just kinda liked it the way it looked. Once I decide what to do for a base...
  17. MillsLayne

    BR11 #92 Monster Energy Camry

    I painted this up as a request for someone. For something that didn't seem to take much time on, since I didn't really have to do too much work, I'm really happy with how this turned out! Credits: Template: SRD Base: Deadpool/Me Numbers: Masgrafx Logos: Deadpool/Masgrafx
  18. MillsLayne

    Possible 2 car render with a BR 2011 COT and NWS11?

    I was hoping to get a "team render" with these cars, but if not, I'll take whatever. Thanks in advance! Credits: Templates: SRD Bases: RAH/SRD/Me Numbers: SRD Logos: Google/Racingrafix/SRD (dbake24)/Deadpool/Me
  19. MillsLayne

    2012 CTS09 Templates?

    Has anyone made hi res templates for this mod yet?
  20. MillsLayne

    I need to find a couple of things...

    I was just wondering where I could find the updated pit road war wagons and also where I could find the new Rockingham Speedway that's been updated for this year or last year (can't remember which).