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  1. jgegner

    SRD IndyCar DW12 Render Request

    I would like the two DW12 car flats attached to this post rendered please. The TWC car is for the ovals, and the Five Guys car is the road course version, and both flats are 1024x1024 resolution. Please put both cars in the same scene. Thanks! James
  2. jgegner

    Season 6, Race 1: Daytona

    Folks, it's that time again. The sixth season of the SRD Cup Series kicks off with its season opening race at the famed Daytona International Speedway, with 38 drivers looking to tackle the high banks of this 2.5-mile superspeedway. Storylines for the 2016 season: - Will 2015 champion John...
  3. jgegner

    2016 SRD Cup Series Schedule

    The 2016 SRD Cup Series schedule: 3/20 - Daytona 4/3 - Auto Club 4/10 - Sonoma 4/17 - Martinsville 4/24 - Kentucky 5/1 - Watkins Glen 5/15 - Coca-Cola Superspeedway 5/22 - Bristol 5/29 - Road America 6/5 - Kansas Speedway 6/12 - Talladega 6/19 - Richmond 6/26 - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park...
  4. jgegner

    Sad news: Former NASCAR driver Ron Bouchard, winner at Talladega in 1981, dies at 67

    Bouchard passed away from cancer in his hometown of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The win at Talladega in 1981 was the only NASCAR victory of his career. Here is the link to the story: RIP Mr...
  5. jgegner

    Dale Jr. proposes to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann

    While on vacation in Germany, Dale Jr. popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Amy Reimann. Here is the link to the story: Comments? James
  6. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League 2015 Flats Thread

    ------------ RULES ------------ 1. No more than TWO truck flats per driver (not counting test truck flats) 2. Matching pit crew flat must be included with each truck flat submitted 3. TGA or JPG format only 4. Drivers must have an entry in the driver signup thread 5. Team owners must have...
  7. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Team Signup Thread

    If you wish to own a truck team in this league, please include the following information in your post: Team Owner Name: Team Name: Numbers Requested (up to 3): Truck Make and Model: There are 14 slots for teams. Each team will consist of up to three trucks each. Each team signup is on a...
  8. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League - The Reboot - 2015

    To borrow the words of NASCAR on FOX analyst Darrell Waltrip, "Let's go truck racing, boys!" With the above statement, the SRD Camping World Truck Series Offline League is officially restarted. As I said in a post in the Silly Season thread, there would be some major revisions of the league...
  9. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Truck/Pit Crew Request

    If you would like to have someone here at SRD paint a truck and/or pit crew for you, please copy the form below into a new post and fill in the requested information. NOTE: The form below is for SRD CWS OFFLINE LEAGUE REQUESTS ONLY! It is NOT to be used to request a truck for personal use...
  10. jgegner

    Which truck mod should be used for restarting the league?

    With the release of the as yet unfinished CWS14 mod by Om3gA Racing, I'm seriously thinking about restarting the league. What I want to know from you guys is this: Should I use the CWS14 mod even though it's not finished, or should I use the CWS13 mod with either 2013 or 2014 templates? Your...
  11. jgegner

    Sad news: James Garner, star of hit '70s series "Rockford Files', dies at 86

    Here is the link to the story: Movie, television legend James Garner dies at 86 | Fox News RIP James. Your talent as an actor will be sorely missed. Comments? James
  12. jgegner

    Gen6 Toyota Camry Now Available on iRacing

    Here is the link for more information: Featuring more than 30 authentic racecars | Screenshots (courtesy of the iRacing website) are attached to this post. Comments? James
  13. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Paint Scheme Selection Thread

    Please indicate which paint scheme you would like to use at each race below. If you are sharing a ride with someone, also indicate which driver will be associated with which paint scheme. Indicate your choices using the following: Primary Sponsor - Plain Text Secondary Sponsor - Bold...
  14. jgegner

    SRD STS Offline League Silly Season Thread

    This is where all CWS offline league Silly Season reports will go. James
  15. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Sponsor Claims Thread

    Post your sponsor claims in this thread only please. Claim NO MORE than two. James
  16. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Driver Signup Thread

    If you have at least 125 posts, you may sign up in this thread. Please fill out the following information in your signup post: Name: Truck Make and Model: Number: Primary Sponsor: Secondary Sponsor: Rating Set: For now, I am allowing only ONE entry per driver (teams will be decided later)...
  17. jgegner

    SRD CWS Offline League Rules and Information Thread

    **NOTE: There are several additions and revisions to these rules. All additions and revisions are highlighted in bold text. Guys, Here's how the SRD CWS Offline League is going to work: Mod: Finished CWS2014 mod from Om3gA Racing (not the alpha version). Truck Templates and Approved...
  18. jgegner

    #29 AC Delco Chevy SS

    This is my ride for No1JGfan's Gillette Cup Series offline league, the #29 AC Delco Chevy SS. Credits: Template: Bullring Base: rollinthunder99@NNRacing Number: ranman38@NNRacing Logos: Outlaw Grafxs, MasGrafx Contingencies: DERacing Render: Andy1 James
  19. jgegner

    #29 AC Delco Chevy SS BR Gen6 Render Request

    Two-car render scene please. Flat is in 1024 resolution. James
  20. jgegner

    Sad news: James Gandolfini, star of hit HBO series "The Sopranos," dies at 51

    Although there are very few details at this time, the cause of death is believed to be a massive heart attack. Here is the link to the story: Actor James Gandolfini of 'The Sopranos' dies at 51 | Fox News RIP Mr. Gandolfini. James