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  1. JasonRSC

    RSC's Design Assets

    Better late than never, right? I've had so much fun doing sim race cars for the past 18 years now and even though I've for the most part moved on from NR2003, this community will always hold a special place in my heart and in my past. It's for that reason, I've decided to publicly release the...
  2. JasonRSC

    Opinions Needed

    Hey everybody, it's been a while. I've decided to redo my logo (for like the billionth time). This time, I went for something similar to the 2003 version. I'd like to get some feedback, please. And yes, I do actual vehicle wraps these days. New Version 2003 Version
  3. JasonRSC

    Font ID needed

    I hardly ever do this because I've got several resources to help me figure out fonts but I'm stumped on this one. I already know the font for "sugar" and "sweet" but the other font is throwing me for a loop. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! :)
  4. JasonRSC

    Seeds, Camo & Gummies

    Here are the cars that RSC Racing will be fielding during the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series season. I made a few slight changes to the BIGS Sunflower Seeds car and adjusted the US Army paint scheme to work on these new NNS cars. The Mike & Ike car is very similar to one I ran back in 2007 and...
  5. JasonRSC

    Nationwide Series Layered Base Schemes

    Here is an early preview of the 4 base schemes that will be uploaded tonight.
  6. JasonRSC

    JasonRSC's NNS Paints

    Here are just a few of the paint schemes coming out of the RSC Racing shop very soon. Some are still a bit of a work in progress. I'll also be uploading some layered base schemes next week, just as I did for the BR2011 mod. Some of the base schemes you can expect are...
  7. JasonRSC

    iRacing Street Stocks @ Charlotte

    Street Stocks @ Charlotte Oval (that's the big 1.5 mile oval, not the itty bitty legends oval) Open Practice + Lone Qualifying + Race 60 min practice - 3 Qual Laps - 75 Laps Fixed Setup Yellows On Unlimited Fast Tows Double File Restarts + lapped cars at the rear Server Name...
  8. JasonRSC

    SRD iRacers

    I'm thinking of hosting some "fun" races just for the SRD iRacers here. Just need to get an idea of just who all plays iRacing and what extra cars & tracks you guys have purchased. :)
  9. JasonRSC

    Big Seeds. Big Flavor! (56K Warning)

    Here is the truck I'll be running in the NASCAR Class C Series for the remainder of the year. If you've never tried this brand of sunflower seeds, I strongly recommend that you do. They're 1000% better than the David brand. Thanks to Brian Simpson for a tiny little part of the base...
  10. JasonRSC

    My iRacing Indy 500 Car

    Here's the Sharpie Dallara that I'll be running during this year's iRacing Indy 500. I've still got a bit of work to do on it as far as logo placement goes... and those damn fuel filler areas. I really wish they would create some kind of 3d car viewer type of program. Hell, a "refresh car...
  11. JasonRSC

    My "State of the Union"

    As a few of you might know, I broke one of my fingers this past Saturday night at my local dirt track. Now normally, that wouldn't deter me from painting but as usual, something has to come along and totally screw up my plans. I'm not going to go into detail about this. It has nothing to do with...
  12. JasonRSC

    2011 Phoenix/Germain/HP Racing

    Whenever I get done with one of these team cars, I'll put 'em up in here first. Landon Cassill - Thank a Teacher Today (Martinsville 1) Now available for download. Michael McDowell - HP Racing car
  13. JasonRSC

    Any Interest in an SRD League?

    Just wondering if there would be any ACTUAL interest in an official SRD Online League. This is something I've been toying with in my mind for a few months now. I'd have several series to run in, BR2011 for the top series, the PWF GNS (and later NNS) mod for the next one down, the PWF CTS mod...
  14. JasonRSC

    Lightning Quick!

    This car is another one of my personal rides. It's a redo of the truck I ran in 2007 with a bit less (and much cleaner looking) lightning. So not happy with the two upper nose contingency decals but it'll work until some 2048 templates are released. Thanks to Bullring for the template...
  15. JasonRSC

    UN-official Preview - Marcos Ambrose

    Got the car pretty much finished, just waiting on new templates. Still a few minor things to tweak, the logos behind the rear wheel.
  16. JasonRSC

    Today's New Base Schemes

    Just in case you haven't been paying attention to the downloads ticker, I've just added 7, count them, 7 new layered base schemes to the downloads section. All are fully layered, 2048 resolution PSD files. It know, it's not Tuesday but I figured what the hell, might as well get them out of my...
  17. JasonRSC

    Go Daddy, Go!

    Heh, I just can't get enough of my lame thread titles. Here is a car that brt3 requested. This is the first ever car I've done in Photoshop and I think it turned out really good. HUGE thanks to Matt and the SRD team for the super-OMG-awesome 2048 Chevy template and Turn4Graphics for pieces of...
  18. JasonRSC

    Introducing: Tuesday Base Days

    Yet another semi-lame title from yours truly. Every Tuesday, I will be posting four layered base schemes. All of my future layered bases will include both 2048 res and 1024 res versions so you have your choice of which one you prefer! I must say I enjoy doing these and it makes me feel good when...
  19. JasonRSC

    A Red Hot Dodge

    Get it? See cause the car has a bunch of red on it. Get it? Enough of my lame jokes, here is my completely redone 2011 Sharpie Dodge. Thanks to the kind folks at Bullring for their template and awesome new mod and me for, well everything else. Huge thanks to Ten0r's render shop for the...
  20. JasonRSC

    Base Scheme Suggestions

    I'd like to get some input as to what layered base schemes that you guys would like to see for the Bullring 2011 mod. Obviously, I'm not going to do anything that's "holy crap - over the top" like Conway's and Hamlin's. Are there any of the old RaceSchemeCentral bases that you'd like to see...