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  1. jbraun57

    Mark Martin Podcast Hey all, had login issues for a few weeks. Just dropping in to let you guys know of Mark Martin's new podcast. It will be a lot of good insight delving into one of racing's most interesting minds and there will be plenty of good stuff coming up in the future.
  2. jbraun57

    2017 JB57 Showcase

    Hey everyone. Just decided to start throwing a couple simple paints together and thought might as well show them off. Today's paint is: #91 - Ty Majeski - iRacing Ford F-Series Number and (2015) Template from BER, Logos from iRacing, Google, and crazyboy335 Render by Andy1 This is a what if...
  3. jbraun57

    CWS15 Ford

    Flat here: Thanks to whoever picks this up.
  4. jbraun57

    NXS15 Requests

    I don't own the game anymore, but I would like some renders of my SRD NNS Offline League cars if possible for a little bit of eye candy. Three 2048x2048 png flats included in the folder. *All original paint work...
  5. jbraun57

    jbraun57's 2016 Painting Attempts

    My goals for 2016 are: 1) Have fun. 2) If I paint, come up with creative ideas. 3) Learning base making in Photoshop. Currently it is confusing to me, and I am starting with easy base/no base vehicles. 4) Continue to use resources available to me. I have little free time, and I don't...
  6. jbraun57

    Font Help

    Hello, can I get any help as to what Cale Conley's sig font is? Thanks!
  7. jbraun57

    Dirt Trackin

    Anyone who has an Apple or Android device (especially if you like dirt racing) should check out the game "Dirt Trackin". It is $2.99 on Apple (I think same on Android). It is still in development, but better than any NASCAR game out on that market. Being a dirt guy, I love it. There's only Late...
  8. jbraun57

    jbraun57's Dirt Racers Numbers

    Here is a thread where I'll put up numbers from dirt track racers around the country. Dirt tracks are basically my second home, mostly IMCA. I am still learning tracing numbers, so there will be rough places. But I am definitely learning. ;) #9H Robert Hellebust - Minot, ND (IMCA Modified)...
  9. jbraun57

    Looking for 2 tracks

    Does anyone still have Boone or East Bay for NR2003? All the links are dead and I've searched far and plenty. EDIT: Found East Bay (
  10. jbraun57

    More cars for these mods.

    Hello, I need some help from you guys. I want to find some more cars for these, I guess you can say, "obscure" mods. (Hornets, 358 Late Models, 358 Big Block Modifieds, Sprint Cars, Dirt55, Hobby Stock). I have the huge Hobby Stock set from the Bullring, but other than that, I just have the...
  11. jbraun57

    Dogecoin logos or font

    Can anyone help me with finding the Dogecoin text or the actual font?
  12. jbraun57

    Blaney to run 15 NNS races and make Cup debut

    YES. from Jayski Team Penske announced that 20-year-old Ryan Blaney will expand his driving duties for its championship-winning program beginning in 2014. The third-generation driver will compete in 15 Nationwide Series races with Team Penske in 2014 and will also make his debut in the...
  13. jbraun57

    jbraun57's 2014 Showroom

    Hey guys, I'm back with some paints for 2014! I am excited for this season, and to be painting the whole year. I'm starting off with an Tony Stewart Jimmy John's alternate. I took some creative liberties in this scheme, as it is not exact to Kevin Harvick's Jimmy John's scheme. Credits...
  14. jbraun57

    NCTS 09 Cup Physics?

    Does anyone have such a thing? I know that you can convert mods to other physics, and I've tried with a tutorial, but I seem to be missing a vital step. I am just simply asking, and making it easier for me just to see if anyone else has it. Thanks!
  15. jbraun57

    #30 Clorox Render Request

    Any scene will work, but I prefer a Lionel scene, a nice showroom scene, or an on-track scene. SRUSA NNS13 Chevy Camaro. Thanks to who picks this up!
  16. jbraun57

    #54 Sport Clips Render Request

    Any scene will work, but I prefer a Lionel scene, a nice showroom scene, or an on-track scene. SRUSA NNS13 Toyota Camry. Thanks to who picks this up!
  17. jbraun57

    2014 Sprint Cup- #7

    Micheal Annett moves to the Cup Series, Blaney leaves TBR:
  18. jbraun57

    CWS13 Request

    This is the truck I had made and posted in the showroom. Can I please get a render for it? Many thanks!
  19. jbraun57

    Let's Go Camping! (CWS13)

    I will be making trucks as NDG releases baseschemes, so here is my first alternate paint scheme. It is Darrell Wallace Jr.'s Camping World/Good Sam scheme adapted to the #51 truck and driven by Rowdy himself. It will be apart of my offline league. I will post this on NNRacing soon. I only have a...
  20. jbraun57

    BR Dirt Late Model Request

    Can someone please render my BR Dirt Late Model? Import on Pontiac. Thanks!