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  1. nascarfreak88

    Pit issues

    In my quest to make some of these tracks open-wheel compatible, there are a couple on which I"m having some pit issues. I'm not sure if some of these issues are because of the grip and other edits I've made to these tracks or if they are just quirks of the original tracks. But at some circuits...
  2. nascarfreak88

    nascarfreak88's Randomness

    The place for all the random work I feel like showing off, mostly from my own universe. Prepare for a lot of 90's. And a lot of using CarViewer because of my laziness. Some indy cars from my 1995 season: Kevin Caldwell is a very fast young American driver. His one major flaw? He is very...
  3. nascarfreak88

    nascarfreak88's Nations Cup

    The World Cup meets motorsports. It is 1996 in my universe. The leading body of motorsports in the world, the Fédération Internationale de la Compétition Automobile (FICA; I know, really imaginative), is unveiling a novel championship. Instead of racing for themselves or for a team, drivers in...
  4. nascarfreak88

    Stationary cams clipping through ground issue

    I swear I've seen a fix for this issue before, but not entirely sure from where. Is there an app/global fix for stationary track cams that clip through the ground? Or is this a deal that ought to be solved by CCM?
  5. nascarfreak88

    Tracks optimized for AI open wheel racing

    Wow, its been quite a while since I posted here. I guess being a grad student does take all your time away. Anyhow, long story short, for the past couple of years, I've been running my own fictionalized offline AI IndyCar series for my own entertainment. Throughout this time I've been editing...
  6. nascarfreak88

    Looking for older Purex logo

    So I've scoured the entire internet for this logo and I cannot find anything decent for the life of me. I'm looking for the old Purex logo from the 90's that was on this Lake Speed car: Or, if someone can ID the font for both "Purex" and "Detergent" I can just make it myself. Also, would...
  7. nascarfreak88

    Would anyone be interested in a painting contest again?

    So I was just perusing NNRacing, and I was reminded of something that I feel brought out some of the best of the NR2003 community. Painting contests. Back in the early 2010's, it seemed that every single site dedicated to the game had a painting contest, each with different rules and different...
  8. nascarfreak88

    Warping issues

    So I've been having issues on some tracks (as seen here on Charlotte91 by I believe Thunder98) where slow cars can be warped into by fast cars, sometimes leading to the inevitable un-warping causing a really hilarious but problematic wreck. I could use some advice to fix this issue.
  9. nascarfreak88

    2016 Indianapolis 500 Discussion

    This race always deserves a thread of its own, but this year may be the most special ever. Event Schedule: Starting Lineup...
  10. nascarfreak88

    I could use some opinions

    I was really bored, so I turned on my poop quality webcam to record myself playing guitar. My friends and family say I'm a pretty good singer and guitarist, but they're obviously biased. So why not turn to you guys for some brutally honest critiques? I'm grateful for any feedback before I go on...
  11. nascarfreak88

    SRD Number Set

    So a while before the site updated, there was an SRD car on the top banner. The number set for the car was posted on here. Would anyone happen to have it around?
  12. nascarfreak88

    Playstation 3 controller with NR2003

    Is it at all possible to use a PS3 controller with NR2003? If so, could someone explain how to do it like I'm 5? I can be pretty dumb when it comes to stuff like this.
  13. nascarfreak88

    2015 Indianapolis 500 Discussion

    This race always deserves a thread of its own. Starting lineup: Ryan Briscoe will be replacing James Hinchcliffe due to Hinch's violent 228mph crash during testing that left him with leg injuries. Tristan Vautier will be replacing Carlos...
  14. nascarfreak88

    Looking for JW Demolition logo

    Would anyone happen to have or know where to find a decent sized JW Demolitions logo? It has been seen on many of Jason White's cars and trucks during the past few years.
  15. nascarfreak88

    Whelen Modified Carview Files

    Sorry for such a short post, but would anyone happen to have them?
  16. nascarfreak88

    Is rows of 3 at Indy possible?

    I've been able to get the start of the race somewhat accurate for .pta physics, including pacing distance and starting point, but is it possible to edit the .ini in such a way that rows of three is possible for those who want to run an Indy 500?
  17. nascarfreak88

    GTP and PTA templates

    Are there any modern templates for the GTP and PTA mods? I would prefer Grand Am/United Sports Car ones.
  18. nascarfreak88

    How do you OWR-ify a track?

    I want to run an offline league running some open wheel mod. However, some of the tracks I want to race on have not been made to fit IndyCar-type racing. I have two scenarios that I would like to do. 1) How do I OWR-ify a track that has never been worked on to have that kind of racing, for...
  19. nascarfreak88

    NRatings issue

    Up until yesterday, NRatings had been working perfectly fine for me. Now, when I try to import real data, there are no series or years listed. I haven't done anything drastic to my computer, and I haven't touched any of the program's files. I run NRatings as an administrator, and have before...
  20. nascarfreak88

    "That's yellow out there...

    ... it's green again, what the f*ck are they doing?" Trying my hand at the Smiffsden IndyCar mod. It looked perfect for the old IRL chassis. Credits: Template: Smiffsden Base + Numbers: Myself Logos: Google, SRD, dei-racing, myself