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  1. RR1292

    Project Cars 3

    Don't know if anyone has seen this video yet. It definitely lessens my worries about the physics being too arcade-y or GRID-esque. Seems that they have all the settings you want if you want a sim based experience, while still allowing for casual players to customize to their liking. I am...
  2. RR1292

    Username Change Official Request Thread

    Haha yeah it has been quite some time, thanks! I know I have another account under "RRB1292", not sure about RR1292 though. This was just due to an error with my web browsers password tool. Don't know how it pulled RRB1292 and a password for this site, but I guess it created an account with that...
  3. RR1292

    Username Change Official Request Thread

    Could I have mine changed from RBaller, to RR1292 please? Thanks!
  4. RR1292

    NWS Camaro W.I.P.

    Damn nice work as always L2B!! (y)(y)
  5. RR1292

    The Street Cars/Driving Thread

    If you guys ever take a trip down to Southern Cali take a drive down the Ortega Highway it's about a 45min drive down the Ortega, but I have friends who have done it in 30min., including my dad when he took his old 1971 Mach1 Mustang with a 351 Pantera motor, down it (too bad he sold it when he...
  6. RR1292


    I also agree with that sentiment! Disney does some pretty damn amazing stuff! And I'm seeing Avengers today so I'm super stoked!
  7. RR1292

    Non NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    I just recently got an Xbox and this is one of the first games I bought! And I absolutely LOVE IT!! (y)(y) The livery on the Mustang is not mine.
  8. RR1292

    Several CWS Beta Schemes

    Really diggin' that Master Lock Ford!! Clean and simple, plus it's a Ford! ;) (y)
  9. RR1292

    What Is Your Worst Fear?

    Stupid drivers, snakes (esp. poisonous ones), elevators, flying, and EXTREME heights.
  10. RR1292

    Creepy Stuff

    That's just downright creepy! :eeek:
  11. RR1292

    Not Your Grandaddy's Buick

    I would go with the GS model too James. Seeing as it is the ONLY Buick I have heard of having a manual 6 speed gearbox. Therefore it's more sporty ;)
  12. RR1292

    Updated On-Track Effects

    Actually James that orange effect was not done by someone at DMR and it does not require the .exe to be hacked. I BELIEVE it was done by some one at North West/Black Widow Motorsports. (Both are the same but defunct now.
  13. RR1292

    Most Intense Ride?

    For me personally would have to be the Boomerang at Knott's Berry Farm! It drags you up, up, up until your full weight is on the safety bars (w/e it's called) , THEN it shoots you insanely fast down through a loop, AND corkscrew up the track, and then shoots you backwards!
  14. RR1292

    Mw3 Release!!!

    I had a friend who was sent to a Black Ops tournament in Florida by Game Informer Magazine and he took first place and the $25,000 prize too! My friend is a BEAST!!! I unfortunately will not be able to buy this game until I move out b/c I do not have an xbox. hopefully that will change...
  15. RR1292

    What's in your gaming library?

    PC: 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme trucker 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul GRID (Can't play it because my computer can't handle it's awesomeness:( ) Need for Speed Prostreet Need for Speed Most Wanted Need for Speed Underground 2 Medal of Honor: Airborne Star Craft and the Brood War...
  16. RR1292

    Somewhat of a blast from the past?

    Yeah Steven was always good with his presentation renders. Very nicely done Burton, both the old and new one!! (y)
  17. RR1292

    An Idea...I need feedback!

    Jonathan would you like me to re-send my crew member application that i sent to Kenny, to you?
  18. RR1292

    We Be Quakin'

    DUDE!!! I live in the same town as you!!! O_O
  19. RR1292

    Popular Music Discussion Thread

    She's Country - Jason Aldean