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    Two more NWS13 requests

    I've had these done for a few months now but I forgot all about them, again I'm not picky about scenes. Thanks in advance.

    NWS13 request

    Not picky about scenes, I would appreciate a couple renders though. Thanks in advance guys.

    Sonoma AI help

    Hey guys, I got a quick question regarding the AI on the 2007 version of Sonoma. Every time they come off the final turn, they take forever to get up to speed. I can be about 1/2 throttle and still beat them to the start/finish line and the climb up the hill. Everywhere else on the track they...

    Latest Road America track

    Could anyone link me to the latest/best version of RA, going off of all the links are dead.

    False positive drug tests

    Just looking for anybody who has had this happen to them or any suggestions on what I should do. I recently applied for a new job at the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge plant here in Toledo a couple weeks ago, with honestly not much hope in ever getting hired. They had online applications open from...

    Another Gen6 request

    A front and back scene would be appreciated, thanks in advance guys.

    Looking for the BCR pit crew template

    The high res version. Anybody got it or where to download it? I can't find it on my other computer, and it's been a long time since they closed down.

    Gen6 Request

    I finished this a few days ago. I'm looking mainly for the scenes Andy used on my last request here: If anyone else wants to jump in I wouldn't mind one bit ;)


    Not picky about the scenes, any will do. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. SKiNDATA

    NWS13 Request

    Just finished this up, any renders will do. I would appreciate it if you can get a back shot of both versions to see which one I like better. Thanks in advance guys. :)
  11. SKiNDATA

    Re-installed NR2003, don't have a rend_dxg.ini

    Topic says it all. I installed NR2003 onto my new laptop and the 1024 res cars are a little choppy, so I went to go do the old -1 texture trick and I don't even have the file to change it with. I tried copying my old .ini file from my other computer and dumping it into my new NR2003 folder but...
  12. SKiNDATA

    NWS11 request

    Hey guys, haven't been in the mood for paining recently but after seeing a thread yesterday of L2B's Camaro I decided to see what one of my old paints would look like on it. Goes on the Toyota body, any renders are appreciated.
  13. SKiNDATA

    How do you stop the AI from plowing into you?

    Title says it all. I'm sure you can change it in the ini, happens on all the tracks so it's not just one. All I want is them to actually slow down when they see someone spinning infront of them, not just drive headlong into them like they wern't even there. This time I was racing on Richmond...
  14. SKiNDATA

    Two questions about tracks

    1. Is there a way to decrease the speeds in turns at certain tracks without losing grip? If you adjust the grip levels, it makes it impossible to turn without wrecking. I've been wondering about this for quite a while now and never asked, but after playing around on Atlanta 07 and being able...
  15. SKiNDATA

    Smoke .mip update?

    I'm not sure if I have the default smoke.mip after I had to re-install the game, but I remember seeing a thread or a post a while back about somebody making some new smoke effects. I raced on Phoenix 07 earlier and won, and while I was doing burnouts I noticed that the smoke disappears really...
  16. SKiNDATA

    New Dew

    I'm sure some of you have already seen the finished product on my render request thread....I knew I should of just PM'd someone you cheaters.. Anyway, this is what I came up with earlier. Seemed to be the right style of paint scheme for the Dark Berry flavor, since on the bottles and cases...
  17. SKiNDATA

    Another request..

    ..Actually two different schemes. Sorry if I suckered you in, but you're obligated now. ;) Got to try out my new Dark Berry logo, started these a couple hours ago and just finished. Any scenes are welcome.
  18. SKiNDATA

    Mountain Dew Dark Berry

    I finished this earlier and waited for an OK from Alan to post this for everyone else to use. Got it as close as I could to the actual thing. I'm sure someone will make their own and one-up me though...;) I'm going to try and get the splash behind the text done probably tomorrow and make it a...
  19. SKiNDATA

    The Dark Knight Rises (again)

    It's been a pretty decent amount of time since I've painted anything. I wanted to do something basic yet catchy to the eyes, so I decided to try and replicate Jr's Dark Knight Rises car. It's not intended to be exact, but it's pretty close to the original, not counting the added effects on the...
  20. SKiNDATA

    Two requests please

    Just finished these. The #98 is for the BR12 mod and the #88 is for the Nationwide mod. Not picky about the scenes, any will do. Thanks guys.