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07 DAVID STAR - TEXAS II daniele
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  1. islandiver

    Bullring Mod

    OK so I've been out of NR03 for a while and have a few questions. Is the Bullring Mod just another name for the COT 1.4? If it is does anyone have a link to the update that adds the spoiler and removes the wing? Thanks.
  2. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    Thanks everyone, I got it driving a little better. Haven't yet tried your control file john. But I think I've narrowed it down to the ffb. when I turn it off I can drive fine but that's not fun because I can't feel anything, so I've just got to keep it real low. I used the Daytona promo today so...
  3. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    Sure john, I'll try anything. Appreciate it.
  4. islandiver

    Everything I need to know...

    Well, I've only been in iRacing for five days but I can answer a few questions. I know the iracing system will pair you in races with other drivers with similar irating numbers. So you shouldn't have that much of a desparity in talent level. The deal they're offering now for 3 months/the...
  5. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    I really think there's something up w/ the wheel. Even at 900 degrees when I enter a corner I barely turn the wheel at all and the back end will jump out (even at half-throttle). I'm even having this issue with the Legend cars too, just not as pronounced. Although if I test the truck at South...
  6. islandiver

    Dave's COT

    Looks very nice.
  7. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    Thanks Rich. I don't see how I'll get close to A license in two weeks. I spend too much time in the truck testing at LMS. I don't understand it, I've been racing these Papy sims since the original Nascar Racing but I can't get these cars to handle correctly. I have a G25 and I've tried every...
  8. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    Okay, that sounds interesting. Been three days running Lanier in a Legend car. Don't know how much more I can take.
  9. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    So as long as I purchased the particular vehicle I wanted, I wouldn't necessarily need a license for it if I raced in a hosted race?
  10. islandiver

    Newbie to iracing

    Well, I finally jumped ship and signed up for iracing. right now month to month, that 2 year cost is too much scratch to hand over just yet. Anyway, I have a few questions, right now i'm a rookie and can only race legends. But I purchased the truck, would I be able to race non-sanctioned races...
  11. islandiver

    More screenshots from the upcoming NSCS10 mod...

    So judging by the fact that those screenshots appear to have a full field of pre-painted cars, can I assume the ssnet mod templates work for this (to a point) or did Rioux's guys paint them all already?
  12. islandiver


    No, I'm just saying the teams should keep the bodies different (like the truck series) so the Cup teams don't take over the Nationwide races like they do now. I realize that it probably won't change anything because seat time is seat time but I know once they release the COT cars the the...
  13. islandiver


    They should've just left the COT car out of the Nationwide Series. At least having different bodies might deter "some" of the teams but once they make the switch their all gonna jump in with both feet because of the limited testing the Cup teams have now.
  14. islandiver

    In Game Chat --> Race Command?

    I've tried to add or remove laps during a race for the AI before and wouldn't let me. It would only let me add or remove laps for myself. Which stinks because it would be easy to just hit pause and change a command line to be a race admin for offlining. But I guess it's not to be.
  15. islandiver

    NRatings updates?

    Make sure you have 2009 check-marked and then click 'get new data for this series' then when it finishes importing re-select 2009. It will show all the races through Dover.
  16. islandiver

    Progression experience and recommendations.

    So you're saying it would take approximately 13 months to be eligible for the COT cars? When you move up in class, say up to C class, do you then have to purchase the trucks or are they included in your subscription? I can't fathom having to pay for vehicles that I will never use again after I...
  17. islandiver

    SRD Pick'em 2009 - Southern 500 at Darlington

    1) Jimmie Johnson 2) Kurt Busch 3) Matt Kenseth 4) Jeff Gordon 5) Michael Waltrip j/k .........Mark Martin
  18. islandiver

    Which NR2003 war wagon style do you prefer?

    I prefer Smiffs 2.5. I like the extra stuff on it to make pit road more busy. a real pit road is chaotic so the more 'stuff' we can put on pit road the better I say.
  19. islandiver

    09 Nationwide Cars Rock!

    Yep, they do look good. Which Nationwide are you supporting? the one I have, the SRD car paints don't fit the bodies. Obviously there's two, which I didn't know.
  20. islandiver

    Best Router?

    I use the Apple Airport Extreme. In my opinion it's the best you can buy. It uses Wireless N and it also has a 500GB HD that you can access wirelessly. It's range is outstanding as well. I have three computers hooked into it, and the one i'm on now is hard wired. I use a wireless N USB plug in...