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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM2 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - HOM1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - CLT1 Hendrick9Fan
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20 - Dex Imaging Supra - DAR1 Hendrick9Fan
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  1. JasonRSC

    NXS20 Mod Thread [Released]

    I tried adding that to the template but my attempts really didn't look right with certain car colors. In the end, I reached that "fuck it" stage, lol
  2. JasonRSC

    I’m looking into getting a cheap computer

    My PC isn't really much better than iRacing's recommended specs and it runs iRacing just fine with most of the graphics settings turned down with the exception of some of the painting-related stuffs.
  3. JasonRSC

    BUSCH contingency

    That sure is a head scratcher. Whose car did that comes off of? Might help us narrow it down a bit.
  4. JasonRSC

    RSC's Design Assets

    Better late than never, right? I've had so much fun doing sim race cars for the past 18 years now and even though I've for the most part moved on from NR2003, this community will always hold a special place in my heart and in my past. It's for that reason, I've decided to publicly release the...
  5. JasonRSC

    NXS20 Mod Thread [Released]

    Matt, I respect the hell out of you for all that you're doing to keep this game alive and going, with this website in general and the NXS mods that we started out with back in 2011. My schedule doesn't allow for much but if there's anything you need from me, you should still have my email!
  6. JasonRSC

    Kaulig Racing Logo

    Better late than never I suppose. It lacks some of the gradients though.
  7. JasonRSC

    Duracell Optimum Logo

    Here ya go!
  8. JasonRSC

    Kaulig Racing Roof Number

    Here ya go, luckily I was able to find a vector-based SVG on Kaulig Racing's website.
  9. JasonRSC

    Your Random Thought

    Absolute legend? I'm not sure about that, Matt. I am getting back into painting for iRacing though. There's always the off chance I could start posting some of the assets I've collected over the years. Who knows?
  10. JasonRSC

    Your Random Thought

    Hm, so my random thoughts go here, eh? Where am I again? What is this place? This all looks familiar for some odd reason...
  11. JasonRSC

    Who do you think are the legends in our community?

    Aw shucks. To be included in a list of "legends" is a great honor. But to be fair, I can't take the entire bucket of credit for Race Scheme Central. You have to include budking in that mix as well. I had a few other crew guys but it was primarily me and him. We both were painting layered...
  12. JasonRSC

    The 2013 NASCAR Chevy SS and 2013 Ford Fusion are Coming to iRacing!

    These cars look so sexy... and they're fun as hell to paint! :D
  13. JasonRSC

    The 2013 NASCAR Chevy SS and 2013 Ford Fusion are Coming to iRacing!

    Very nice work, John! I'm so glad they finally included a texture refresh option. I know how my spare time is going to be spent now. :)
  14. JasonRSC

    Justin Allgaier Logo Help

    Not sure of the font but this came straight from Brandt. Hope it helps.
  15. JasonRSC

    Jonathan Patten's Showroom.

    Very nice work! I especially like the 20. I wonder what it would look like with just a bit more of that base design, maybe around the door contingency decals. :)
  16. JasonRSC

    First NASCAR Race You Watched

    I vaguely remember watching the 1992 Daytona 500. The only thing I really remember is the wreck so I'm not really sure if I watched the whole race or just the highlights. First one I watched flag to flag was the 1998 Pepsi 400 @ Daytona.
  17. JasonRSC

    Opinions Needed

    Hey everybody, it's been a while. I've decided to redo my logo (for like the billionth time). This time, I went for something similar to the 2003 version. I'd like to get some feedback, please. And yes, I do actual vehicle wraps these days. New Version 2003 Version
  18. JasonRSC


    Here ya go. Get 'em while you can! These are the original bases (mostly for the original cup mod) we had up at RSC. Set 1 is all of my bases, set 2 is all of the bases from the crew members I had. : RSC-Bases_Set1.rar download free : RSC-Bases_Set2.rar download free...
  19. JasonRSC


    MasGrafx had all of my old stuff last time I checked. EDIT: Whoops, guess not. I'll see if I can upload a giant zip file of all of my bases to... somewhere.
  20. JasonRSC

    Iracing Is It Worth The Fee

    iRacing is definitely worth the investment. Before jumping into it with both feet, I'd recommend reading up on their Sporting Code and especially the section regarding Safety Rating & License Level. It definitely doesn't take 40 weeks to move up to a Class A license. I can attest to that. :)